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What manga series are you reading as of now?

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Megchan, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Sabaku_no_Gaara

    Sabaku_no_Gaara Party Monster 8D

    Naruto, Midori Days, Kamichama Karin. D:
  2. vaporeon89

    vaporeon89 power of vapor

    Now I'm reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, Mahou sensei Negima, One Piece and Bleach

  3. Raine

    Raine Pessimistic Optimist

    I'm not reading anything right now, but I was reading
    Rurouni Kenshin, Qwan, Ranma 1/2, Azu manga daioh... can't remember the rest :/
  4. hypershadow995

    hypershadow995 Stuck in the dark...

    Currently reading Negima!, Naruto, Death Note(yay!), Beet the Vandel Buster, and going to get Kingdom Hearts
  5. Mr.Cherimu

    Mr.Cherimu Cherimu addict

    Yoki Koto Kiku, it's a parody of a famous japanese mystery novel. It's funny, but odd
  6. Kazuki Yukimura

    Kazuki Yukimura Well-Known Member

    Let´s see... Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note... And others that I can´t remember now
  7. Arahabaki

    Arahabaki Come at me bro.

    rave master, kingdom hearts chain of memories, samurai deeper kyo
  8. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    Just read volume 1 of Grenadier, volume 4 of Monster, volume 10 of Fushigi Yugi(has one of the best villians imo) and volume 3 of Eden.
  9. Kariachi

    Kariachi Power Is Beautiful

    I`m currently going through Chobits and am reading Angelic Layer at random. I`ve also been thinking about starting on the Tenchi Muyo! series.
  10. Ben Kenobi

    Ben Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Started reading Full Metal Alchemist.
  11. SamsGFX

    SamsGFX << May Is Sexci!

    Fullmetal Alchemist, it's uploaded on this site, which is ultra cool, beacuse I haven;'t seen it in english in shops.
  12. BattleFranky~40

    BattleFranky~40 Immortal

    Bitter Virgin and Parfait Tic.

    Both are pretty good.
  13. Xanatos

    Xanatos Thunder Gym Leader

    I am on One Piece Volume 3, and Shaman King Volume 2.
  14. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: I'm currently reading: Kingdom Hearts, Descendents of Darkness, Naruto, and Rave Master.
  15. Yukikaze

    Yukikaze *blink*

    Love Hina and Gundam Seed Astray.
  16. Yellow Bommen

    Yellow Bommen Well-Known Member

    - Assobot Goku -- Vol. 2

    - Kinnikuman -- Vol. 1

    - PuchiMon -- Vol. 2

    - Zatch Bell -- Vol. 8
  17. SamsGFX

    SamsGFX << May Is Sexci!

    I'm just about to start reading Ichigo 100%, has anyone read this?
  18. Daaku JJ

    Daaku JJ Well-Known Member

    Um, i finished Love Hina and the first series of Saiyuki. Reading Lament of the Lamb, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Immortal Rain.

    I've spent loads on these books, they all started to appear in England.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
  19. Yellow Bommen

    Yellow Bommen Well-Known Member

    I've read it. 'Tis decent, though a tad ecchi. If you mind that, stay away. Otherwise, it should be a pretty enjoyable read, with lots of comedy thrown in.
  20. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    I find it not enjoyable at all. It seems to be just like every other eechi(with harem) series with there but worse.

    If you really like an eechi series, then I suggest Peridot for the fact that the girls(age 17+) actually look like their age and are sexy. lol.

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