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What moves would you like to see return as a TM or Move Tutor move?

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Actually, Fairy Wind has 40 base power and no effect, similar to Water Gun.
There’s always one TM that is weaker than the others.


My favourite
I guess but the Fairy type needs more TMs. If you include the LGPE TMs, there are only two which is the lowest number for any typing excluding the retired ??? Curse TM.
That sounds like a good call for more Fairy moves, rather than adding 40 base power move as a TM.

Water Gun as a TM was a mistake, really.

For a Move Tutor Move, I'd like to see V-Create as an exclusive move tutor move for Victini.
This makes a lot of sense, other mythical pokémon like Keldeo or Meloetta already have exclusive Move Tutors, so why not for Victini as well?


Well-Known Member
Non TM or Tutor Moves I'd like to see as a Tm or Tutor Move:

Fake Out
Aura Shpere
Baton Pass
Chip Away
Cross Poison
Mirror Coat
Electric Terrain
Psychic Terrain
Grassy Terrain
Misty Terrain
Fell Stinger
Heal Pulse
Head Smash
Heart Stamp
Heavy Slam
High Horsepower
Leaf Blade
Leaf Storm
Lucky Chant
Fire Lash
Meteor Mash
Night Slash
Power Gem
Power Trip
Stored Power
Rock Blast
Speed Swap
Weather Ball


Well-Known Member
here's my list of moves I want as a TM
Play rough
Me first
Weather ball
Night shade
Seismic toss
Body slam
Metal head
Skill swipe
Role play
Stealth rock
Thunder, Fire blast, and blizzard replaced by Thunder punch, fire punch, and Ice punch respectively as TMs
Sky uppercut
Blaze kick
Meteor mash
Tri attack
Toxic spikes
confuse ray
Mega punch
mega kick
heat wave
Aura Sphere
Zen headbutt

plus I have been thinking of an idea for TMs, Empty TMs, which allows you to wright it into a move of your choice. (can have about 10 empty TMs per game, can be used for past TMs, egg moves, and Tutor moves.
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Peter Harrison

Well-Known Member
I would pick the following:
Drain Punch.
Toxic Spikes.
Aura Sphere.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Easy question. Nightmare. A rarely used move that was TM50 in Johto and my go to method of dealing with high level opponents since I stuck it on my Hypnosis knowing Noctowl that also had Reflect. Also, Misdreavus can only learn it by TM, and it's a perfect fit for the species that currently has no access besides VGC trsnsfers.


Ghost-Type Master
For the love of god, more Ghost TMs.

I think the only two we have are Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw. Would be nice if we got a few more. I consider Will-o-Wisp a Ghost move, but it's technically Fire-type. It would be super nice if Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch, and Hex were all TMs.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
More fairy type moves so more pokemon could learn them.
We just need more Fairy moves in general. I get it, the type's only been around for 2 gens, but it's my second or third favorite depending on the day (it alternates with Ghost) and I'd love to see more of it.


Well-Known Member
I'm surprised only one person mentioned Defog. Ever since its buff in Gen 6, people have been begging to have Defog as a TM/Tutor move, because it's just that good at what it does for hazard control. Heck, part of the appeal of getting Gen 4 remakes would be having reliable access to Defog again. That's like, my #1 desire over everything else. We're generally fine on attacking options, but hazard control options are few and far between.


Call me Robert guys
I'd just like more of the basic elements to get good moves early on because when pokemon don't learn great moves and the better elemental moves are gotten later on, the pokemon becomes a pain to use and train.


Beast Ball-catching Legend Wiz
I want Play Rough. I know it was in the Let's Go! games, but I want it as a mainstay. There are literally NO other offensive physical fairy type moves, and that irritates me. Every other type has all of these different options, but Fairy only has three basic offensive moves. Also, even if you discount that fact, can you imagine how powerful that would make physically oriented Tapu Koko? I mean, it already has access to Brave Bird, Wild Charge, and Iron Head. It could easily become as big a physical or mixed beast as it currently is as a special attacker.


grass type fan.
There are literally NO other offensive physical fairy type moves

Which is why I hope we get some new offensive Fairy moves this gen.

Also I'd love to see a major overhaul of the TM list. At least 50% should be changed out. Let's get some new options and spice things up, I mean with Dexit happening might as well.


Beast Ball-catching Legend Wiz
I would love to see Hurricane as a TM move. It just seems fun.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
There’s a couple former TM/HM moves I’d like to see return as TMs besides the obvious (Flamethrower, Swords Dance, etc.)
  • Play Rough (Let’s Go). As the only fairy type physical move it would make sense for this to be a TM again so other physical attackers besides Arcanine can have access to this move.
  • Bubble Beam (Gen I). A TM found within the first third of the game as a mid level water move for early movepool expansion.
  • Curse (Gen II). There’s so many Pokémon that could benefit from knowing this move it is unreal.
  • Hone Claws (Gen V). One of the best stat boosting moves out there.