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What moves would you like to see return as a TM or Move Tutor move?

Sceptile Leaf Blade

Nighttime Guardian
Nasty Plot is a good one. Plenty of pokémon could use it. Like Guzzlord (RIP Guzzlord, you have like no chance of ever seeing Galar), although I'd also have liked to see it get Hone Claws. Guzzlord gets nothing to boost its offensive power. Hydreigon would also be fun with it. Umbreon would also be neat, Umbreon can Baton Pass and is actually present in Galar if I'm not mistaken.


My favourite
Also, Swords Dance is already a TM, so it is fitting if Nasty Plot would become one as well to go together with it.


Immortal Queen
Dragon Pulse as a TM. I know that it was available in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, but I don't count those as core games and I'm mad that Dragon Pulse wasn't a TM in the Alolan games.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
The only moves I’d like to see return as learnable moves are Play Rough & Pay Day. They’re two of my favorite moves & I was so excited to see them as TMs in Let’s Go so if they could come back as TMs or be converted into TM moves, I’d be perfectly happy.


Beast Ball-catching Legend Wiz
I would love it if Body Slam was made a TM for the first time since Gen 1. It was a favorite of mine back then, as not only the strongest Normal-type move at the time with no negative repercussions, but also as a move with a relatively high chance to inflict paralysis. It has only gotten more useful since, as abilities like Serene Grace, Sheer Force and Pixilate have made it even more of a viable option on various pokemon. It was nice that they made it available in Gen 3 as a one-time tutor move, but it's time for another comeback.

In addition, while I never liked using this move much myself, Rollout DID make for a decent early-game TM in GSC. Used correctly, it is the single most powerful attack in the game, though it is of course extremely rare for it to actually REACH its max power in a battle.


Let's dance~
I would like it if Hidden Power was excluded as a TM/Move Tutor move, and the Pokemon that need it in their movepool receive a more appropriate replacement.

I always get disappointed when I see that the first moveset in Pokemon Of The Week contains HP Ice.