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What Nation/Area of World would you move to if you could?

What area of the world would you move to?

  • Africa (any part, please specify)

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what map are you reading where italy is farther east than finland

anyways: california/australia/france


i dunno: omaha, portland, austin, japan, south korea, canada, china.


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Within the U.S., I'd have to say Texas. It seems that the career opportunities there are booming, and it'll be worth having to deal with the new environment.

Besides the U.S., I'd move to Canada (probably to either Ontario or British Columbia). I've had several awesome experiences staying in those parts of Canada previously, so why not?

Outside of North America altogether, I'd probably say Sweden or Singapore.
Well, I live in the Netherlands now, my girlfriend lives in Australia, she and I talk on the internet. I'd either want her to come over to the Netherlands, or move to Australia myself to be with her. I'd be fine with either of these options. I'd prefer staying in the Netherlands and her coming to the Netherlands, she seemed to be fine with that when she and I talked about it some time ago.


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Current nation : North America
Wishful nation : japan

Why?: so many reasons. I <3 japan , and japan always gets the better pokemon and other otaku merchandise! The people are really friendly, sushi is my favourite food, there are kawaii /cute and cool stuff everywhere , the tradition , religion and culture
Current "nation": United States, Idaho

Wishful "nation": San Francisco, or possibly Toronto.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to travel to an entirely different country (namely Japan), but actually living there would be really difficult. The only part of Japan that I'm really aware of is the part that is shown through anime which is obviously going to be very overdone and even culturally incorrect in a lot of places. Even with my discontent within my current state, I know that I'm always going to be culturally western, though I would love to broaden my horizons even if I'm always going to be a certain way at heart.

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I would move to Canada. However, I live in the U.S., so I couldn't pick the North America option. xD
I'm just tired of all the crap here with our government.


It was between Sweden, Japan or New Zealand. All three are pretty successful countries with most of their citizens approving of their status, so it seems. Good lifestyle, with good balance between relaxed rural areas and active downtowns, up-to-date technology and well preserved ecological spots. However, New Zealand can get pretty hot, so that's minus. Sweden gets a plus for its chilled weather, but it would be the furthest away from family. So I'm sticking with Japan. The least balanced of the 3, but still, I can name many reasons to go there.


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Currently I live in the United States but I would love to live either in Brazil, specifically Rio, or in Hawaii. I just wanna live somewhere where i can relax from all the stress in the world, thats why i wanna go to Hawaii. And Rio, CARNIVAL, i would love to enjoy the fun. Hahah


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Currently living: Australia

Wishful Nation: Egypt.

Why you might ask? My future career (Egyptology) centers around the country. While not ideal and cushy like our Western Nations, I've always wanted to live there for an extended period of time to soak up the history and culture of the place.

Central America, Southern Africa and the Scandinavia parts of Europe are runners up.


Ahaha, the poll labeling Sweden and Finland as Western Europe.

Yeah, Northern Europe's good for me. Free education and four seasons. And freezing-ass winters but hey, you win some, you lose some.

I'd like to visit a lot of countries though, and maybe live there for a few years. I'd list 'em, but that would be like half the globe.
I love living in Seattle - once in a while I would love to travel or live in another place - I choose an Island nation (same with the Poll) either Iceland or the Faroe Islands [blame it on Skámöld & Týr], really love their culture and language and especially music. Watching videos on YouTube and other video sites they seem like friendly people.


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I currently live in the Netherlands (always have), and I can't really think of a reason to leave, really. Sure, there are plenty of idiots here, but then again, you can find those types anywhere.

However, there are a few places that sound interesting to live, though they all have their downsides to. Austria and Germany sound really cool, though I'd have to miss out on even more fish. Iceland, Norway and Sweden all sound pretty cool as well, though I already hate the winters here, I probably won't stand the freezing cold and snow up there. California (and especially Silicon Valley) is up there as well, considering it still seems to be the place to be for anyone in IT. Japan's probably only a place I'd like to visit, as well as perhaps Australia, mainly just so I can eat a lot of strange things you'd never find here.
I doubt I'd ever want to live outside of the western world, though. Heck, a vacation still doesn't sound to appealing to me.


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I'm really quite happy here in Kentucky, but if I were to move, most likely it would be to Georgia. I love Georgia, it is so beautiful.

Internationally? Probably Germany, it is the land of my ancestors.