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What new type would you like?

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erm, types are based on natural substances, Paper, Plastic, Cloth, Leather and Rubber are all man made and therefore I doubt they will make any new Types, unless they do Funji (as Mushrooms are not actually plants they are Funji) although that would be a cheap rip off of Grass / Poison Pokemon.


Mmm, Cheese.
Radioactive Type FTW.


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i would like

Lave.. sorta the equivalent of ice..

i always thought ice was too far in with water..

so lava with fire??

arcanine lover

Whee........ *thonk*
Sound. I always thought that Chatot needed its own type.


sound and light, like every one
also, to turn ??? (like in the move curse) into a real type


Oil type.

Its resistant to water, steel, fighting and posion.
Its weak to fire, electricity and ice.

Oil based moves are super effective against: Grass, fighting, flying and ground.
Oil based moves are not very effective against: fire, steel, ghost and rock.

Actually.....I like that :)
Oh and yes, its in a stalemate when against Steel types.

Light Bear

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...They can't really make a type just for your fossil Pokémon. I mean, they were ordinary Pokémon in their time. Adding Rock type to remind us that they are from fossils is good enough. Besides, what benefits would they have over regular Rock types?

But I agree with a couple others: They should put in a Light type to counter the Dark type. Only problem is that you can't do a whole lot with Light type. Sure, you can squeeze in Togetic and Togekiss, for I see them as angels, but what more can they make as Light type? More angels?

Sound?... I suppose there are enough Pokémon for it, but it seems like a kind-of abstract thing to make a type out of. Again, I must ask: what strengths and weaknesses it would have over other types?


~ Grace ~
Light would be the only one I would want. It could give some interesting pokemon, but I really don't think we need more types...


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I must be the only one happy with the 17 types we have then. :/ *shrug* The only thing I really care about somewhat is getting some feline based Pokemon that are NOT Normal type.


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I've seen threads like this before. I'd say, in popularity, the most wanted types are Light and Sound.
I think those would make good types.

All I know is that is that if there is a light type, there is going to be a new Fastest Pokemon in the Game to replace Ninjask (Deoxys Speed too, if your counting legendaries.)
Why? Have you ever heard something like this?:
That planet is about 200 light years away.
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Time to take off at Light Speed!



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well i agree with the light, but however i dont think it will replace the Speed, it will the the opposing element of Dark, like in most game Dark > Light and Light > Dark...

and the sound, it already been make into kindda like a species take Exploud for example...


Local psychopath
Um... By Light, I don't mean like Light and Dark = Good and Evil. I mean it more as... like... A Light, as in the light from a Star. That type of light... Well, maybe it could be both at the same time... Hm...
Flash would Definitely get a type change into a light type attack


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ya i know you mean Light = Speed, but ii dont think it will be that case if they make it into the game, they will be as Light Vs Dark like in the most game after all, they cant have a pokemon that is travelling at the speed of light (that would be impossible to catch)


Just as planned.
psychic is already dark's counterpart. I agree with vycksta, tough sound sounds like a cool idea[/pun]
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