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What next?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by .VALO., May 21, 2009.

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  1. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    Okay.. Basically I'm playing Crystal on my phone and I have 16 badges and I'm levelling my Pokés up to battle Red. My question is besides battling Red and taking on the Battle Tower, is there anything else to do? I know I can crack on with my Pokédex but I mean storyline plots, side-quests etc etc..

    Let me know and/or make suggestions for things to do?
  2. TrainerCasey

    TrainerCasey ~Johto Fanatic~

    You could collect shineys. Maybe look for some legendaries. You can battle once a day in Viridian City against that "strong" trainer with the Starters Evos.
  3. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm doing the legendaries at the moment, all I have left are Raikou, Lugia and Ho-Oh though. Obviously I can't catch Celebi so that's out of the question and that trainer at the Viridian House is pathetically weak and where me and all of my friends play it on our phones there's no link cable or anything just yet, still waiting for the emu to be updated. Surely there's more than that to do? I've played through Silver countless times but this is my first run of Crystal so there must be a few extras?
  4. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    Unfortunately, Crystal doesn't add much to the GS games.
    Try challenging yourself; catch a Gastly with a Heavy Ball, or a Shuckle with a Fast Ball. Try and beat Red with only a Caterpie. (X items ftw)
    Try and beat the battle house trainer with only a Caterpie. XD
  5. OfficialAshKetchem

    OfficialAshKetchem Well-Known Member

    you could go to the battle tower in Olivine City or just have a rematch with the elite 4 again and you don't have you catch mew or celebi it state you only need to capture 250 pokemon.
  6. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    Coincidentally I caught Lugia today after hours of resets and I already had Entei and Suicune so I thought why not go for Raikou so I can get Ho-Oh. I did a few rotations around the map then settled with Mahogany Town as a base camp, checked the route on the left and flew back. Repeated a few times then I anticipated it's movement and went to the route right from Mahogany and sure enough it was there too, Hypnosis missed so it ran. I repeated and found it again in the same place, this time Hypnosis landed and it had already been weakened from an earlier battle so I threw an Ultra Ball and it caught on the first one. I then went to Ecruteak and spoke to the Wise Trio and obtained the Rainbow Wing. I went through the annoying puzzle and reached Ho-Oh, after a decent battle with a few Recovers I had Ho-Oh asleep with a tiny slice of red in it's HP bar and threw and Ultra Ball, to my luck it caught on the first attempt. I named the pair HeartGold and SoulSilver in honor of the new games.
  7. Calm PokeMaster

    Calm PokeMaster Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm....What about EV training your Pokemon,searching for shinies and evolving your Porygon into Porygon2?
  8. charigod

    charigod charizard tamer

    well story wise you're done, but you do what the others suggested
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