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What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

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I really want the saving money with your mother to come back. Loved the random stuff she bought for me.


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I would like to see the cell phone feature again.
I really like it when it was back in Emerald and was disappointed to see it missing in D/P/Pt.
Also, that ability to send some of your prize money winnings to your mom. I loved that.


The Trainer House in Viridian hopefully will stay. Just mix records with a friend and you get to battle them. There's huge potential for EV training and just experience farming here. I also hope the radio stays around, and maybe they'll update the scripts on it lol. And maybe Buena's Password too?

Yoru Ryu

How difficult could it be to add Eusine in. They don't even need to feature Suicune any more than they do in GS for him to follow you around - you did awaken the beasts after all. That's gotta count for something. Plus he was very entertaining!


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I definitely want to see Headbutting Trees back. Also, I want the Bug-Catching Contest and the Magnet Train to stay. Apricorn Balls definitely, but I have a feeling they'll change them from the Johto ones to their closest Sinnoh counterparts. Lastly, I want Sprout Tower to stay, it was so awesome!

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I'd really like to see the bug catching contest back, such an awesome event. You should also be able to continue your travels to Kanto I thought it was so awesome to see that time has passed there and all your favorite gym leaders having high level and strong pokemon was just great. The return of Red back at the cave only saying: ... was plain cool.

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I wish they'd bring back the radio that was cool also if they continued to to the bug catching contest that was fun IU'd really love to see Extremespeed Dratini to comeback to that was fun to train and of course to still be able to battle Red

neo darkrai

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Like some people, I want the Magnet Train to come back just because I like to see that thing move back and forth between Saffron City and Goldenrod. They should bring back the Bug-Catching Contest because that was one of my favorite things back then. I also want the return of having your Mom save some money so she can buy decorations among other items. The radio should also return so people can listen to the relaxing tunes.


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I don't know if this would count as an old feature or not, but if it is, then I'd really like to see them keep the old color schemes. I loved how the world just felt and looked dark, compared to how in newer games they have been making the world bright and sunny. I just liked how the graphics gave it a dark look.

I also loved that. I know that we're probably alone on that opinion, but I just loved everything about G/S/C. The coloring and music just made it all of the more awesome.

And that's what I'm most worried about with these remakes. They'll change the graphics and make the colors brighter, and they'll also make remixes of the music that I won't be fond of.

The darker colors and the original music somehow just helped G/S/C make it what it was...

Inevitably the graphics will be brighter, though. They were probably dark like that because it was on the GBC, and not because they wanted it to be that way. =/

What I want to come back? Everything. I want the original quest to stay untouched, but just put on the DS with enhanced graphics and things like that. I wouldn't mind them adding some things back into Kanto that they took out in the original G/S/C, but G/S/C were just so great in my eyes that I think too many changes would just make it worse.

Hopefully they'll have some room to add things (like islands) on after Silver Cave, and that would be where we'd see all of the features added on later (like contests) and the 3rd and 4th generation Pokemon would be available there as well.

Essentially like FireRed and LeafGreen. I liked how they kept all of the new Pokemon until after the main quest.
Let's start with a simple list, and then I will elaborate.

-Kanto access
-Return of the Pokegear
-Apricorn balls
-Mom saving some of your money
-Receiving the extreme speed Dratini in Dragon's Den
-That cave at the back of Mt.Silver
-Catching Lapras on Friday's in the cave

Without Kanto, Johto would end a little to soon.
Everyone knows that the Pokegear was the best accessory.
These, could be improved. But, I liked these different Pokeballs even if you could only get one a day.
I found this feature annoying, but it was useful when you wanted to save for something, but have a bad habit of spending it. Besides, it can be turned off.
I liked not having to go through several Magikarp to get one Dratini only to have it run away.
Battling Red was a good challenge.
The lapras gave me something to look forward to on Friday. Besides, Lapras was a classic addition to the game.


Headbutting trees; I agree that honey trees were just too time-consuming, and sometimes I'd forget to return to the honey tree or forget where it was. >_> Bug catching contests were always neat. I'd also like the return of Kanto, and the radio. After hearing enough of the ame tune (especially the bicycling tune in pretty much every game), I got sick of it. :\


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I'd love to have them keep sending your mother some money. I liked being surprised with her buying me random stuff.


i want the orange islands with prof ivy's lab or sevii islands in it too and see if the shop in 2 island is a proper shop! oh and the crazy elemental hyper beam lady!

Mr. Joker

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A couple I would like to stay.

Pokegear, It was awsome, I loved the cards, I hope to see a couple more though.
Mt. Moon Mondays, it was one of the easiest way to get a Moon Stone (Although, trading with D/P/Pt could ruin that0
Money Saving, to save money.


"Dark Lightning"
Trying to avoid already-mentioned stuff...

-Purchasable Slowpoketail. (Might not happen, though.)
-Berserk Gene (See Slowpoketail note.)
-A way to get Zap Cannon taught by that Power Plant dude.
-Unown's radio signal.
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-Headbutt > Sweet Honey. I agree with Ellie, giving an okay move a field move. Headbutt is cheaper, and faster too, plus sometimes the Pokemon that fell out of the tree was asleep.
-Aprikorns, one of the better suprises in GSC. In HGSS, Kurt should call when they are done, otherwise I forget, like I did 90% of the time.
-Bug Catching Contest = Win
-Odd Egg. Although I never played Crystal, I would love to experience it in HGSS.
-Radio Stations. I liked to listen to the Radio sometimes in GSC, and I will do it again in SS.
-Shiny Gyarados in Lake Of Rage. I know Wi-Fi will be spammed with Shiny Gyarados, but I really don't care.
-A lot of the time based events, like the people that give certain items on certain days.
-That house in Viridian where you could battle the kid once a day that had all three Johto starters.
-Bill giving a free Eevee. I never used it GSC, but I plan on using it in SS.
-The Kimono Girls battle house. I don't know why I liked that, I guess I just liked to guess what Kimono girl had which Eeveelution.

More will be added later.

-Going back to Kanto. Only reason I forgot was that I assumed it was a given.
-Money saving.
-Clefairy festival at Mt. Moon on Mondays.
-Battling Red.
-I wouldn't mind Contests, as they would add a little more, and allow evolution of Milotic.


...To tell the truth, the thing I want most is for them to include kanto and mt. silver.

However, they counted Johto and Kanto as one region almost, and, thus, the gyms were uber-easy. I think Kanto should be treated as a bonus, with the Johto gym leaders being as strong as the other ones, and Kanto gym leaders having Elite-Four-like power, and for the elite four to actually be a challange that makes me lose at least once.
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