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What other Pokemon Merchandise do you own?


Pokémon Rogue
Various plushies, a poster, special DS pokemon stuff and the guidebooks/handbooks.


Live. Love. Ho-Oh.
Pokemon hairclips shaped like Butterfree from when I was little :) Oh and don't forget the butterfree nightgown.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
I have a Togekiss plushie as well as a poster for Giratina and the Sky Warrior which I got from Toys R' Us.

draya the dark master

Sort of Undead atm♥
does my paintings count???

i painted a picture of all 4 (before 5th gen) generations... took me about half a year and it is a 100x200 canvas that i got personally crafted

otherwise i dont really own anything :(


I hate Ringo...
I used to collect the cards, and the figurines [back in 99]. Now I just collect the games :)


Perky Goth
I have pokemon cards, a drawing guide, and a lifesize Treecko doll.


5th Gen still sucks.
I have cards, handbooks, movies, VHS copies of the anime, clothes, pencils, etc. etc.
Pretty much if you name it, I have it. o_O


not bad
I got a Entei pencil topper yesterday. ^_^


pokemon adventure, but i gonna stop after 4th gen arc completed. story is getting bad and i have not much space.

pikachu and kyogre plushies, pokemon figurines,

pokemon trading cards, 2 files, 2 jap pokemon music cds,

pokemon movies that has unowns and latias and latios,

the electric tales of pikachu (short and sweet. i highly recommend it) all 4 of them,

macdonald pikachu and bayleef toy

the power of one (i think) lugia movie in novel form (that time i was a kid so i was very disappointed it is no pictures novel)

pokemon calendar 2008,

legendary bathing towel, pikachu surfing shirt, pokemon hand towel


As many e's as Eevee
I got a Piplup plushie that my sister gave me ^^ Plus I also have a lot of the stuff that came with the games. Like with Ruby and Sapphire I have the gold coins with a 3D picture of Groudon and Kyogre and I also have the Palkia stylus from Pearl when that came out.

The rest are old TCG cards from when Pokemon first came to the US and a couple of E-Reader cards as well, if anyone remembers those lol!

Meowth City

Staff member
Most of my Pokemerch are from gacha balls and £1 machines.

Here is a list of what I have:
-Ultra Ball Capsule with Stickers.
-Meditite Screen Cleaner (I wanted the Buizel one)
-Pachirisu Buildable Figure (x2)
-Pikachu Danglers (x2)
-Cyndaquil Dangler
-Treecko Dangler
-Riolu Figure

Other stuff I have:
-Pikachu Plush GameBoy bag.
-Pikachu Plush Keychain that talks.
-Pikachu Cosplay Hat, Ears and Tail.
-Moltres, Latias and Manaphy Figures.
-Squirtle, Pichu, Lotad & Muchlax Pencil Toppers.
-Pikachu Plush that you can turn into a Pokeball.
-Pikachu and Piplup Sticker Dispensers.
-Diamond/Pearl Pokedex Guide.
-Pokemon Soundtracks on CD.
-Pokemon Movies on DVD.
-Piplup Plush Dangler
-Arceus Figure.