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What other tabs do you currently have open?


Grand Arbiter II
TWC Forums. Pokemon Black and White Serebii Forum thread. Giselle Humes


Stabby McStabface
YouTube - Cirno's Perfect Math Class Mirror(ed)
Serebiiforums' The questions thread
The World God only Knows Chapter 63 page 2


Well-Known Member
I currently have iTunes on the bottom of the screen and YouTube in the toolbar, on Battle Cry from Arceus and the Jewel of Life.


Führer of Fun
In chrome I've got (from SPPf); my UserCP, this thread, RPG Sign ups, ASB and Fan Fiction. Other sites are UPN (Ultimate Pokemon Network) forums, Facebook and my email.

Other stuff I have open; Spotify and Windows task manager.


Grass Trainer
This place and puffgames.com caus the tennis game there is just great. Well actually its kinda bad but its addicting. And facebook but i dont really like facebook ...

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Edit Signature, Glee Songs, Factory Head Thorton + Photobucket

and MSN + iTunes



Shade of Blue
(from sppf) Games section, my profile, (not from sppf) fango's CB, Youtube, Facebook and MSN. Also running Windows Live and iTunes.
MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Formspring, Youtube, Bulbapedia and the Wikipedia page on ducks :D

I also am using MSN and Windows Media Player.


Facebook, deviantART, SPPf, Tattoo Fonts, Google Maps, Last.FM, Gmail.

With iTunes and Adium open in addition to Safari.


Tabs: Gmail, poolswimmer, pixiv, Photobucket, YouTube, deviantART, SA.
Running: Firefox, SoEW (Touhou 2), Winamp, Photoshop, and msn.
I don't use tabs, I open new windows.

This and Brawl Snapshots are all I got right now.

Applications: mIRC and MSN.