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What other tabs do you have open

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Tsun in the streets
I can't link to the other tab I have open. The third one is GameFAQs.


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Serebiiforums, GPX+ and my e-mail. Though sometimes I'll have YouTube running in the background.


Well-Known Member
A Facebook game, four other Serebii tabs, Bulbapedia, a page from a site I'm working on, and Youtube.


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Ever Grande City forums, Serebii Forums, and either Fanfiction.net, Facebook, YT or something else.


No more massacres.
Let's see...
(7) serebiiforums.com tabs, (5) deviantart.com tabs, (2) youtube tabs, (2) reddit tabs, (1) wordpress tab
I usually have more, but i've only been online for half an hour.


burning it down
Facebook, Google Translate and this.