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What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?

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Marbi Z

I hated when Ash's personality was changed from a seemingly more mature teen all the way back to a naive 10 year old. It's as if his past experiences had never occured.


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The TR trio were once useless wankers, now in BW they're much more serious. I love that change.


Team Awesome
I think Ash was funnier back at the beginning of the anime. From season 4 to 13 he was getting stronger as a trainer, but it took away what I liked about him back at the beginning: he was dumb and funny. That's one reason I have no trouble with the way Ash is in Unova now, because he's gone back to being dumb and funny. :) I missed that a lot. So, I didn't like the first change in Ash's personality, but I like the second.

Team Rocket's change this region to being more serious has been great, because it's made them a stronger team. That's one personality change I like.
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