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What phone do you have?


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iphone 11 pro max, love it. Plus there are many cool apps for ios, esp I like call recorder softwear. It's very useful app that help to record all calls. I use it's useful app for business people, teachers, as well as anyone who want to save important information.iphone 11 pro max, love it
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cilan lives forever in my heart
I have an iPhone SE 2nd Gen, which is like an 11 that actually fits in my hand.
Mine is a LG K20 Plus.


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Samsung A21S. It's a budget model but surprisingly good. I just wish phone had better capacity without having to buy a extra micro sd card.
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crystal dreams
Grabbed a budget Motorola a few months back and its performance is on par or better than the Pixel I had.


Silence is Purple
Currently have a Google Pixel 5, and it's alright I guess.