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What places in the world would you like to visit


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Oh god, a far-North place? It's so cold and always snows up here in Wisconsin, I would not go there. xD Do you live somewhere down south where it's warm?

I do live some place warmer, and being cooler is a part of it... But I also would love to see the beauty of the landscapes in person. I think it looks really pretty up there.

Archangel Azazel

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I guess mainly for the Pokemon Stores/Centers because they have tons of items I would like to get my hands on XP Also I would really like to see what kinds of things they have made that makes it easier in every day life. Saw quite a few things on another website on that and I want to see more of it. D:


What's shakin bacon?
Machu Picchu has always been on my wishlist, but now I also want to visit stuff like the Tate, the National Gallery (both in London), and the Louvre. If I go to the Louvre, though, the Mona Lisa will not be one of my priorities.

Some other cities that I wanna visit someday: Istanbul and Vienna.


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I really want to go to San Fransisco in California, just so I can go over the Golden Gate Bridge in person. That's really the only place in the US I want to visit, mostly everywhere I wanted to visit I've already been to.

I also really want to go to London as well. There are so many things there that I want to see in person, like London Bridge, the Ferris Wheel, etc.

Yeah, that's really it.


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There are two places I've wanted to visit. That would be the North Pole and the South Pole. Thanks to the Navy I've visited a lot of places that I've wanted to but those two seem like they would be a challenge.


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In Germany:

In UK:

In France:

In Italy:

In Japan:
"The Ghosttown"

In South Korean:

In Ghana:
Accra (Hometown from my mother)

In Russia:

Jersey Jimmy

¿dónde está el FOUR DOLLA TUBA?
I seem to have a strange affection for cold-weather cities. To prove my point, I'd love to visit Stockholm, Moscow, and Helsinki. I don't know if Amsterdam could be considered one, but I'd like to go there nevertheless. Finally, I'd like to see Tokyo at least once because... let's face it, who doesn't?


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Japan, Egypt, Italy and Greece. They seem to have very interesting history.

Dr. Cooper

North Korea (not the official "tour" led by their state sponsored tour guides). I want to see it before it's collapse.


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I'd like to visit Africa again, but to go somewhere I've never been, like Kenya. Also, I've been fascinated with Asia for a long time (including Japan), so I hope to someday go there.


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I want to go to either the Bahamas or Hawaii. Some island, I've been to the Florida Keys before but I want to just go to a island not connected to land


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I've always wanted to travel to places over the world more but never had many good chances to. I'm hoping to try going to Europe since I've never been to any country there yet.


This year I took a trip to the Faroe Islands, a small dot in the Atlantic that I had wanted to go my entire life. I encourage people to travel as soon as they can -- don't waste time and life -- as the lessons to be learned and the paradigms that shift will profoundly affect your everyday course.

Other than that, I'd like to live in Japan again :)


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Canada. I've heard the water is clear there. I would also like to visit places like UK and Australia.