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What places in the world would you like to visit


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I have an interest in seeing Japan one day


Japan (Mainly the Pokemon centre and the Fox Village because I'm awful haha)
Wales (mostly because of my interest in Doctor Who/ Torchwood. I would like to see the Roald Dahl Plaza and a few other places )
Scotland (Because it's where my ancestors are from)
And even though I've been there some places in the USA like Austin...
I'm Australian but I'd love to go to Mardi Gras in Sydney because I've never been.


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7.Parts of India I haven't visited yet
P.S-This list is not in a particular order.
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I would like to go back to Japan again. I want to go on a cruise so I can go to more than one place. The top places I want to go to are

1. Sunrise, Florida - I would like to go to Sawgrass Mills and visit a friend who works at the Walmart close by.
2. Amsterdam - Looks like a lovely place and I have a friend who lives in The Netherlands.
3. Scotland - I live in England, I've been to all the other coutries in the UK apart from Scotland.
4. China - Not sure where in China, but I think it would be a nice place to go to.
5. Kyoto - I loved the city whhen I first went there, would love to go again.


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I'm pretty well traveled but in a similar theme to most other posts here Japan is still very high on my list for somewhere I'd want to go.

I'd like a holiday in some main cities like Tokyo/Osaka but I'd also love to save up some ¥en, take like a year out from my life to just travel around most of Asia. I really want to see as much of Japan as I can including the countryside which from what I've heard is amazing. In a proper traveler style though I also wanna check out China, Mongolia, India, North & South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines (hence why I'd need at least a year to see what I can of these countries). There are still some other places in Asia that interest me but I mentioned all the places I'd be mostly likely to definitely make a part of my venture.

I'd also like to visit Egypt & Australia but that'd be for a holiday not traveling.

The U.S. isn't priority for me but ofc there are many places I'm sure I'd like, like Vegas, Cali & New York. My work will eventually take me to San Diego & New York maybe not for a year or two though.

For work I ended up in the mountainous French town of Chamonix once which is a very beautiful & nice town I promised myself I would revisit for a holiday at one point in my life. I would highly recommend this town for anyone wanting to travel those parts of Europe. You could even double up your trip if spending some time in France or Italy, make your way to the Cable car over Mount le Blanc, spend some time in Chamonix, cross the border and check out the neighbouring country. If you've ever wanted to go France or Italy I think this would be a great way to do it and see/get more from your experience. I spent some time in Milan and Paris this way, stopping off for a night in Chamonix after crossing the border.

I should be heading Brazil end of this year and that's somewhere I've always wanted to go so I'm excited for that.

Amsterdam - Looks like a lovely place and I have a friend who lives in The Netherlands.

Definitely go Amsterdam, of all the places I've been it is and always will be one of my favourite cities.

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I want to go to Japan, China, Germany, Australia and Egypt. I also wouldn't mind going to Hawaii.


Germany, South Korea, Singapore, and Spain are at the top of my list, but I'm down for anything. I just wanna have a drink and eat good food. I wanna check out Mexico too after seeing some films, but my expectations are probably romanticized and not at all realistic lol.

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Always wanted to visit Japan and Alaska.

Japan because I find their culture and mythology interesting, and I would like to get a chance o just go visit, see some sights, and maybe get a souvenir or two.

Alaska because I just always found that place interesting, and I would love to go and experience that place, see some things, and have a nice time.


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Probably Japan or Europe

because they're really nice places and I really want to travel overseas one day


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I think I should go to South Korea one day. My grandfather was part of the Korean War, which has made me curious about that country
I'm a bit better traveled than the average high schooler, but the next places I'd really like to visit are Iceland and the UK. Iceland is absolutely gorgeous and spectacular, and the UK is just a place I've wanted to visit and explore as long as I can remember.


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London, Ireland, Rome, Hollywood, and Greece. London because Shakespeare and accents, Ireland because of the whole "Emerald Isle" thing and heritage, Rome because Heroes of Olympus and legit pizza, Hollywood because it's Hollywood, and Greece because origins of theater.


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I would love to visit Bora Bora... To be able to wake up and just dive in and swim with the fishies right out of bed is amazing.