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What places in the world would you like to visit


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Definitely London, as alot of my favorite movies were filmed there. After that, Japan would be nice. Would love to see their way of life.


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Japan would be pretty cool to visit, especially since they've produced so much of what I've enjoyed in my life.

Also London and the Canary Islands because I have family there. New York City would also be a cool place to visit.


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been to japan when i was a kid, back before the anime thing hit the west in full swing

anyway, i wanted to visit india but all i'm hearing about it is just... scary


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Japan... Japan, Japan, Japan... Definitely Japan. I'd also like to meet the guys who work on the Pokémon anime and see who was the guy who came up with Harley as a character and meet him/her... oh, I can always dream...

Also Australia, Tibet, the grand canyon, New York, Germany to visit my cousin, and China.
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I've visited a bunch of places. On the list of "new places to visit" include South Korea(my grandad was stationed there in the Korean War), China, Japan and Argentina


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London, Ireland, Rome, Hollywood, and Greece. London because Shakespeare and accents, Ireland because of the whole "Emerald Isle" thing and heritage, Rome because Heroes of Olympus and legit pizza, Hollywood because it's Hollywood, and Greece because origins of theater.

I've been to all of them asides from Ireland. I lived in Greater London for five years. And let me tell you that you won't regret visiting any of these locations.


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Well, I've been to a lot of different places, but I'd like to go to New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Iran, Japan, and Spain.

I'm an English teacher and I've already been to Thailand and Taiwan (where I currently teach). Hopefully I get to travel to most of the places I want to in my youth.

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Everywhere. My employer is headquartered in London and it's basically the dream to work at one of their main offices; I'm hoping I eventually can get transferred to England.
Beeing from norway, i love to travel around and meet new people. So far i've been to England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Japan. But i would love to travel alot more, only money and work holding me back. Going back to japan in 2017 hopefully. But i would love to go to the US too, so if anyone wants a norwegian guy to sleep on their sofa for a week or so, call me :D


Having not traveled further than The United States, I have ample places I'd love to venture to. I think it is amazing to continue are in a Costa Rican rain forest or Patagonia, teach ESL and study animals and plants with scientists. I'd also love to attend Europe without having any plans, basically a back pack, a train pass along with camera (a number of euros wouldn't hurt either). And I will take my golden retriever with me, and a puppy playpen to keep her entertained. I feel that personally, I couldn't get what I wanted out of these places per week or two and would really need to immerse myself on the culture so you can get my money's worth. Then next place I would like to revisit would be Fiji, I just love the place and the people there. And that is if I had to pick just one location. The other places I want to see are Paris, Italy, and Greece. I have been to Florence, Italy but I want to travel around the entire country.


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I went to Japan in April, and I'm going again in October. Being an adult with disposable income is a blessing. I stayed in Osaka when I was there with day trips to Kyoto and Nara. Everyone is insanely nice there and happy to help you translate everything and give you directions. It's such a friendly place to go with warm and welcoming people. Plus, the food is to die for. Also, if you book far enough in advance through Expedia or something, you can get your trip to be under $1000.

Next year or the year after (let my bank account recover a bit), I hope to go to Plitvice National Parks in Croatia. It's absolutely stunning there. Such beautiful waterfalls.
Japan, Australia, and Orlando Florida are places i would love to visit


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I really want to go to the UK someday. Just walk around in London or Glasgow or something and do some culture stuff.