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What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?

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when the new game comes out the only ball i will ever use is going to be the dusk ball, with of course the exception of breeded pokemon and my starter, but besides that, its all dusk ball, even the legends


What do you want?
i likes challenges, so i use a pokeball mostly.


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I use Master Balls the most. Y? Cause I have as much as i want, and my LV 100 POkemon can't "wittle" down a wild Pokemon's HP.


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Random Pokémon that are easy to catch: Great Balls
Random Pokémon that are hard to catch: Repeat Balls
Shinies/rare/important guys: whichever style of Ball that best compliments its looks. The Quick Ball perfectly matches shiny Drifloon, while a Premier Ball's red opening works very well with a pure evil Black Rayquaza.


Piplup is cool
poke, great, and ultra depending what time in the game it is. i never got into the dusk, heal, nest, ect. balls because they look takki, and not very mighty. It was a stupid idea to make the new-new ones in the first place! Originals over the newbies anyday, even Christmas.

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It depends on the level of the Pokémon i'm catching. I usually use Pokéballs on Pokémon at level 25 and below, great ball on Pokémon at level 25 through 50/60 and ultra ball for anything above that.
I use a lot of quick and repeat balls, because I prefer their look to the others'. But at night I use dusk balls as well.


Blue Mew ^^
Quick Balls and Dusk Balls, but if it's day and Quick Ball fails then I use Ultra Balls
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