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What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?

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premier balls cuz there the coolyest.

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Call me Peter...
I like luxury balls but I use ultra balls normally.


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day:quick balls if that fails ultra
night: dusk balls through and through


darkness and thunder
I rarely catch pokemon anymore but if I do I like the net ball best :p..if it isnt a bug or water type though I spose the age old dusk ball as I dont really sleep - just play dp instead :p


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I usually use the good old Pokeball. I don't know why, but the plainness appeals to me and my eyes in a good way.


Team Legendz Boss
Dive Balls...

They're my favorite.
Ultra balls without a doubt.


lately i am using great balls since i have nothing else in my new diamond version, luckely i have a teamy with false swipe so i should be good for now.


i don't really catch pokemon anymore.. i just trade or breed them. when i do use the odd ball i use the quick ball or the ultra ball.


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Ultra Ball....

but yeah, im a noob

Love my level 100 scyther ev trained on Attack and Speed With False Swipe


burning it down
I usually use Quick Balls, day and night, but if it's a special Pokemon, I use a Premier Ball.


I use Ultra Balls because they have a high catch rate, because they look the neatest and because they have a relatively ok price.
Dusk Ball, or Master Balls cloned in Emerald. Depends on what i'm after, and how lazy I am. Usually I just breed though.
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