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What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?

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Paraguayan Trainer

i use duskball.. at night


quick maybe

and in day i might use ultra


He's my witness!
I usually go with dusk balls. For some reason (I know its not true), I find Great Balls to be more effective than ultra balls. Dunno why. Just seem to have more success with them.


I'm back!
For me Quickballs aren't very useful. I sometimes SOMETIMES use Masterballs but mostly Duskballs cause I play more at night.


The one and only.
I basically use all kinds but in specific times and places.

If its at night, Dusk Ball.

If its weak (Level 10 and below), Nest Ball.

If its in water, Net or Dive Ball.

If its a common, Pokeball.

If its uncommon, Great Ball.

If its a legendary, Ultra or Master Ball

If its shiny, Luxury or Premier Ball

Others I rarely use them.


I usually only stick with a two or three types of balls. Dusk balls for pokemon in caves, premier balls for pokemon I like (like Mawile or Chansey, even if I don't train them), and ultra balls for everything else. I'll only use a master ball on runaway pokemon.


Holier Than Thou
It really depends on what it is... I'd have to say the balls I use most often are Quick balls, Repeat balls, and Dusk Balls, sometimes Nest balls and Ultra balls.

The pokemon that I catch in the wild are usually ones that I already have; I try to catch a lot of the same one so I can get the IVs/Natures that I want.


I'm a cheapskate, so I just throw pokeballs. If, after twenty pokeballs or so I get bored, I'll just throw an ultra ball and get the job finished =P But I rarely have flying pokes in my team, so it can be quite tricky shopping around for specialist balls.


always luxary balls=D


Well-Known Member
I´m using more Net Balls right now
Cuz I´m catching Scythers


not present
Often my own...

I prefer the normal Pokeball and Great ball. If I need to use something else to catch a pokemon I will. However, it's usually only the legendary pokemon I need to make an exception for.


Ultra Balls or if its going to be in my team Pokeballs.


Quick Balls, followed by Ultra and Dusk balls, and if I still have not captured it timer balls and finally the Master ball.
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