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What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?

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The Abysswalker
Ultra Balls, or Repeat Balls when I'm chaining shinies.


Well-Known Member
i usually throw great and ultra balls, i never use anything else, well.. sometimes ill use pokeball but they never work lol, not never but at least not on igher level pokemon


burning it down
Usually Quick Balls, occasionally Dusk Balls at night.


I'm back!
I usually throw Dusk Balls, because I usually play at night. But during the day, I use Quick Balls, or Timer Balls.Their all useful, except Net Balls, and Heal Balls.


What 'bout My Star?
Most of my fave Pokemon come out at night, or live in caves so I throw a lot of Dusk Balls, however I use Ultras and Quick balls for a close second


O.O I'm watching you
I through Ultra balls and Dusk balls most of the time on Dimond and on Pearl it's Great balls.


May Fanboy
Ultra balls. They seem to work the best with me.


<So Many Stickers!
I use the Priemier ball, since i by so many Poke-balls, I end up with 10 Priemier
balls. I also like the normal Poke-ball.


Bad to the Horn
Ultra balls are my preference.


Flygon Trainer
I normally use Pokéballs. I sometimes have a stock of UltraBalls (very useful) only if the pokemon is annoying little thing and dosen't go in the PokéBall but with lengendaries I just throw every ball I got c:
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