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What Pokémon do you want to be available in Hordes?


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What Pokémon do you want to be available in Hordes?

Pretty much as the thread title suggests - what hordes do you want to see?

Personally, I'd love Unown hordes. Who knows what they'd spell!


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Unown hordes would be really cool. A horde of Wailords would be pretty hilarious as well.


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If.when they make a gen 4 remake, each floor of the solaceon ruins( I think that's what they're called) should have 3 unown type hordes. Like, floor 1 has 2 A, 2 H, 1 J. Floor 2( 2 B, 2 E, 1 W) Etc. Perhaps have like, more floors to cover them all. For 1st floor horde, maybe since A/H would be more common, theres always two of them in a horde, J would always appear once because it could be the rarer one.

Hope I didn't ramble too much.

I'd personally like to see Natu, Zoura, Maractus, Pawniard, Riolu, and cubone hordes.

Castform/Deerling hordes could be cool, too...maybe have a deerling horde have 4 based on a current season, and 1 a random season? Idk.


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I'm not too sure what Pokemon you can already get from hordes, but if you can't already I'd love to see Zorua hordes. Its shiny is so cute. Love the blue highlights in its fur

Trainer Yusuf

I would say that I would like to see Hordes of all Pokémon in a route that can be encountered, but not only such an idea might not make sense lore-wise, it would be against easy EV grinding.

Not to mention the idea is still fairly fresh and unpolished, so I can't go on much detail.

The obvious route would be having Pokémon that are described to work in groups in their Dex entries as horde encounters, such as Zoroark, Throh, Unown etc., but such an idea wouldn't work for all of them since a lot of them don't have Hidden Abilities.

I guess we can have some of the currently unreleased Hidden Ability Pokémon as hordes such as Kangaskhan though.