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What Pokémon fits your personality?

Manafi's Dream

Pokabu, cuz I like to eat. I'm also pretty tough when I have to be. I also have a fiery temper when I'm mad.

Nitro123 (PG)

Needs a user title
Ralts, apperently.
A while back, I was a Mewtwo.
I go from a geneticly modified killer into shy little Ralts. Werid...

I took the test again right after I posted, and now I'm
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Sun God ☉

Well I took the test and I think it fit somewhat, I am serious around alot off people and I am also calm, I like being alone, but I don't mind being with friends that I know, I am also a little insecure and a little devensive. But I don't consider myself resentful and I am not solitary.


TCG Trainer
Using the Dragonfly Cave quiz thingy, these 2 personalities showed up when I mixed and matched a few answers that I agree with:

Togetic: "You're kind-hearted and sympathetic with a natural desire to help others in need. You have a tendency to act on impulse without thinking first, but your impulses tend to be good. Most people like you."

Pikachu: "Friendly, social and open, you live for friendship, lively company and conversation. You have great confidence in you opinions, but respect those who disagree. Most people you meet like you immediately."

That pretty much sums me up. Throw some Snorlax and Slowbro in there and you got me figured out.


Sexuality is a cult.
I know someone who got Mew.


gone gently
I guess I'll say Gengar.

Catch me in a good mood, and we'll laugh it up with wit, humor, and happy jesting. Catch me in a bad mood, and things'll be very quiet and very sinister. All the while, I stay just out of grasp as an impersonal and indistuingishable phantom, never serious and never really all there.


Sonica Boooom!
Ludicolo, strange, chaotic, jolly. That's it in a nutshell.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
I'd say a mix of Pikachu and Sceptile or Meganium

Fairly well rounded in life =] Kind to most people, I like to help people out when they really need it, usually calm cool & collected..Then theres times when I get all fired up >O Thats only when the occasion calls for it :3
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Fighting Type Prof.
....Hmmm....Tests say Cubone or Teddiursa

I say Lucario or Sneasel.


I have no idea.
I'm sarcastic and manipulative, but super caring and kind to my friends. I don't trust easily, and I can be described as cruel and angry, or super happy and compassionate. Most people tend to like me, and I make friends easily because of my...'electric' nature, but I have a much darker side.

Test says Pikachu and Togetic. XD And on that one Pokemon game I got Pikachu. XD I would def. be an electric type. Too bad there's not an electric/psychic/dark type. Haha. Ummm.

I guess I'm most like Mewtwo in my own way. The cruel, violent part of Mewtwo.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
I got these after playing with the quiz thrice, picking all the answer that seemed applicable to me:

Jeez, does this website hate me? To think I always thought i was Gengar or Froslass-esque..guess not, lol. Something funny this website gave me. My birthday is the day of Absol in the Season of Darkrai....strange, that's like 5 of the same type in a row! >.<


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Well Tsutarja I guess since I'm usually pretty smug or sassy well I guess that's only around certain people though.
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