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What pokémon would live where you live?


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What pokémon would live where you live?

If pokémon were real, and lived in similar places to the animals they are based on, what sort of pokémon would live near you and which do you think would be easiest to catch? also, which would you most like to catch?

For me most of the non-exotic bug types would probably live in my garden, along with the common birds.

But the most interesting pokémon I'd probably find would be the Poliwag line, wingull and drillbur :)


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Loads of generic birds would live near me aswell as Miltank and Tauros because there is a farm a few metres away. Ducklett and Swanna would aswell since there is a river nearby and a few fish Pokemon would too.


In my area? Probably ground types, some grass and bugs.
The occasional Flygon flying around XD

Ninja Eevee

Haunters Gonna Haunt
most the normal/flying type cos there's nests on my roof, magikarp cos i live near a pond and ratatata, cos they live everywhere, so does oddish


Interesting...In my area probably Scrafty,bird pokemon,bug pokemon,Lilipups family,Purrlions family,Starly,and Rufflets


I own a farm, but there goats (desperately praying for a goat pokemon) so anyway, instead my family owns countless Swinub, Tauros, and Mareeps. An occasional Diglett here or there. Many Rattata and Sentret live here. Along with Spearow, Pidgey, Pigeotto, Hoothoot, and the occasional Aipom....


I live in just another small town, so I guess some of the urban Pokemon. However, there would be some Pikachu, Magnemite, and some other electric Pokemon living in the power plant nearby.


Looking at Dartfrogs
Peliper, Wingull, Pidove, Tympole, Timburr, Koffing, Grimer, Litwick, Burmy, sewddale, Growlithe, Purrloin, Goldeen, and Magikarp. Also lots of feebas and a few Milotic, tons of burmy, and a tropius or 2. Possiblie some Mudkip and lots of Deerling and Sawsbuck, plenty of Oddish, and other tropical pokemon mabye even a few released Ambipom, also lots and lots of Bulbasuar. Lots of Frilish because of all the house sunken in the hurricane and some ghastly in the abandoned School house.
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Mostly Grass, Water, and Bug types around here. Which means I could have a Treeko buddy or something. 83


Dr. Geek
I would find a bunch of stuff. Deerling/Sawsbuck, Many birds, a few wild dog like Mons (Like Growlithe), possibly a Tediursa or Ursaring, Vulpix, Ekans, Zigzagoon, Pachirisu, Joltik, even Pichu and Pikachu wold call my place home.


Well...here would be the usual normal, flying types, but also a ton of grass type pokemon, like Tropius, Victreebel, Cherrim...that kind of "fruit" pokemon, also deerlings and sawsbucks, some bugs and some water pokemons like Corphish and the poliwrath and seismitoad lines, some Abomasnows too (rare)...and that's only in my city, a couple of hours from here i'd be able to find almost any kind of pokemon, I love where i live, i have everything near :), i'd just have trouble finding some ice-type pokemons...
Well there would just be birds bugs and a few others like some of the eevee line where I live. But there would probably be rare pokemon in the caves in the nearby area. And some swamp pokemon. I would want to capture the cave dragons (salamence, shelgon, and bagon) and some of the swamp pokemon who may or may not have swamp as the first 5 letters of their name. But besides the caves and swamps, there is also a small forest. I could capture lots of cool grass types like Sceptile. And there is lots of desert outside the city so flygon, metagross, and garchomp. No mountains sadly, I would love a tyranitar.


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Drive about 45 minutes away to Detroit and you get the largest population of Scrafty the world has ever known XD


Anyways, I was just thinking it would be hard to get many Fire Pokémon, any idea where we'd have to live to get those? XD


Anyways, I was just thinking it would be hard to get many Fire Pokémon, any idea where we'd have to live to get those? XD

Well, i think they live in many areas, like volcanoes (magmar) mountains (heatmor), grasslands (growlithe), desserts (numel), or caves (slugma)...maybe in the mediterranean? or some kind of volcaninc island (hawaii)? who knows...there aren't even many fire wild pokemons to begin with...


Wut are you saying?
Probably pidgeys and rattatas mainly, with a few Porygons in the city and alot of Duckletts and Swannas by the river. Tauros and such near the farm, and a lot of deerlings and Sawsbucks in the forest.

Darth Revan

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grass pokemon.. a lot of deerling and pikachu..well a lot of dead pikachu


I live on an island, so lots and lots of water pokemon in the sea. On land, there would be some pidgeys and its evolution line, ducklett and no swana. Pelliper year round and wingulls in the summer. Sawsbuck/stantler would be really rare. Yanma/mega in ponds along with poli family and basculin. stray cat pokemon and dog pokes too as well as ratatta and raticate. maybe chatots, and lots of trrecko's lines and a few snivy lines


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There would be some Drilbur, some possible Poochyena or Zorua, some common birds, Ladyba, Mareep, Spinarak/Ariados, Scraggy/Scrafty, and Squirtle.