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What pokémon would live where you live?

anything youd find in any pokemon forest plus scyther. also i think machokes would be wondering around at some of the factories. some aquatic pokemon too cuz theres a river


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I live in a general suburban area so you'd have the normal, common types, however I do live on the coast and Ireland is full of grassland so you'd have loads of Bug, Water, Flying, Grass, Rock, Ground types. I doubt there would be Fire types and as for Ice types, unless they live in the mountains, you won't be seeing them here often.


Roblox FTW
Honestly, I think there would be all the cat pokemon since it is like stray cat capital where I live, Basculin, Magikarp, a few SUICUNE'S, a few UXIE's, some Gyarados, some Milotic, Feebas, Tympole, A lot of the Sandile Evolution line, The Tirtouga Evolution line, A LOT of Braviary and togekiss, Joltik, Galvantula, Spinarak, Ariados, Alomomola, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Growlithe, Arcanine, and ;227;, and a lot more. I would own a Suicune and an Arcanine.


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Hmmm.. where the mountains meet the sea so Winngull, Larvitar family, Geodude, Nicada, Beedrill, Cactus pokemon, Execcutor, Magikarp, Goldeen, Murkrow, Cyndaquil, Houndom, Pikachu, Staryu/Starmie, Flareon, Cradily, Psyduck, Squirtle, Drowzee, Poli/wag/whirl/toad/wrath, Mach evolution chain, Poocheyena, also all the common ones


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I was thinking about this a few days ago and with the advertisement for Black and White where they photoshoped some of the early Pokemon in English scenery and it kind of fit.
can see Pidove, patrat, Ducklett & Swanna and also Growlith, Eevee, Zigzagoon as pets


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Hmmm, well I live near a park with a river so Im guessing ducklett, swanna other water types like tentacool and chinchou and common grass types like seedot and common flying types like starly and spearow I guess


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I live in Tennessee, so a lot of bug Pokemon. Basically all of them.


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Pretty much the generic bugs and birds. I live in an evergreen forest region, so I would probably see the Ursaring and Swasbuck lines as well. There's a nearby pond, so perhaps some corphish and lotads. I really hope there are lotads, as that would also make the occasional Ludicolo. I would love to befriend a samba dancing pineapple duck.


Blaziken Ninja
I live in Maine, so a lot of Water types, a lot of Ice types, and there are a bit of forests and agricultural, so Bugs, Torchic (For Chicken Raising) and Tepig (Pig raising). I would go to my Aunt's and steal one of her chickens (Torchic) and raise it, figuring Blaziken's my favorite pokemon.


There would be Munnas and possibly Musharnas, Yanma/Yanmega (Though that thing would be ****ing scary), some Lillipup, Herdier and Houndour, Nincada, Combee, Duckletts, Swannas, Starlys and Pidgeys...


Supreme Overlord
Well, where I live there would be several Pokemon.

Some various city Pokemon (Meowth, Lillipup, Growlithe, etc.)

Some forest Pokemon (bug types, grass types, etc.)

And maybe some water Pokemon (since I live within reasonable distance of a lake).

Big Cardinal

Master of Pokemon
Normals, as i live on the coast near a city. I expect flyings, and waters. Kyogre might visit every 2000 years.
The forest is very close so grass, bug, some rock, and occasionally a swarm of Vesviqueen may send unsuspecting visitors to the hospital.

Shadow XD001

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Well, obviously the generic bird, of course. There would also be some Purrloin/Meowth and some Herrdier that would always run away because the neighbors don't know how to watch their dogs


I live in Montana, so I think there would be an interesting mix of Pokemon.
Probably some Bouffalant, Deeling/Sawsbuck, Ursaring, Kricketune, Pineco, and a good amount of Rock and Ground types.


filch some swag
I live in Tennessee, so a lot of bug Pokemon. Basically all of them.

I live in Tennessee too. I was about to say the same thing.

Also Pokemon that might live in cities like cat-like Pokemon and bird Pokemon. Perhaps some water Pokemon in the Tennessee river.


in my backyard/n: ekans and sevipers, frog based pokemon, predator bird based pokemon, pidgy, tallow, 1 or 2 ninetails/vulpix, a raccon pokemon, pachirsu, really small fish pokemon, i guess thats it


Lord of Light
Cubchoo, and beartic for sure. maybe pidgey and sentret/furret.... snorunt is a given. maybe seelo? patrat.... psyduck perhaps. bibarrel...

and ARCEUS!!


Squiddly Dee

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Normal urban Pokemon. Meowth, Pachirisu, Zigzagoon, Rattata, maybe a Growlithe or two...