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What pokémon would live where you live?

Yanma/Yanmega (Though that thing would be ****ing scary)

But it could be really interesting xD

Anyway, where I live, in a closed container, no pokémon would live here would live Starly, Pidoves, some bugs, like Heracross and Durants, Meowth and other common city 'mons.


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In the winter, Vanilluxe. Last year (and maybe the year before) we got blizzards that left snow several feet deep. Vanilluxe is the only possible explanation.


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grimer and muk would be found where i live becasue San Fransisco ( where i live) is a piece of **** dump. Koffing and wheezing would also be found because of all the polluiton from the hippies smoking marijuana and from the smog caused from the obnoxious hybrid drivers.


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I live in the Pacific Northwest, so that means forests, beaches, and suburbia.
There would be a bunch of Murkrows, that's for sure. There would be Digletts, Rattatas, Raticates, Pachirisus, and Spearows. Maybe a few Natus. Zigzagoons definitely. Sentrets and Hoothoots also. Now down by the beach, there would be Wingulls and Pellipers. Duckletts too. Wailmers, maybe even some Wailords (gulp). Pidoves, Staryus, Seakings, Seels, maybe Mantines. Then, the ones I would see right out my window every day would probably be...Pikachus, beleve it or not. Women would be walking their Delcattys, men walking their Houndooms. On occasion, we'd see an Absol.
Thats the world of pokemon in my neighborhood.


i miss miror
Im thinking there would be a lot of grass and water types around where i live, because when its not green, its raining lol. I would also see sawsbuck, noctowl, and the occasional ursaring around :p


This is very interesting question, made me think about it.
I live in a city so most of the Pokemon living here would be house pets like Lillupup, Purlion ,Eevee, Meowth and things similar to that.

Also in the city you would get stuff like Pidove, Starly, Pidgey but you would also get stuff like Ratatta, Sentret .

But I also think you would get pokemon that are more human-esque too.

and I know there will Trubbish because of all the rubbish everyone leaves lying around and Koffings because of the cars and trains.
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Hmm...I guess Pidgey, Pidove, Vulpix and their evolutions...also Slugma, Maccargo and Magikarp. Wow that's lame when you think about it...


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Jirachi, because I'm special x
Nah... Probably some pidgeys, ratatas... Got a few trees round here so maybe some caterpies. During the summer there are lots of ladybugs so I guess I could picture some ledians too :3


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Well, considering I live in the city, probably city pokes like grimer or trubbish, or small pokes like parchirisu or pidove (squirrels and small birds).

too bad there's no corn pokemon, it would be Nebraska's mascot


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I live in a rural area, so mostly
birds-Pidgey, Spearow, etc.
insects- Scyther, Ledyba, Spinarak, etc.
rodents- Pikachu, Minun, Plusle, sandshrew
mammals-Deerling, Sawsbuck, etc.
reptiles- ekans, squirtle, etc.
fish-goldeen, barboach, etc.

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Well since I live where its dry I guess I would see sandshrew, trapinch, cacturne,sandile, dweble among a few others

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Ooo! I live just in the middle between the beach, the city and the jungle, so there would be many different kinds of Pokémon like Treecko, Snivy, Aipom, Corphish, Wingull, Tirtouga, Trubbish, Lillipup, Purrloin and many others...


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i live a good 40 minute drive from the beach, so Wingull and Pelipper would be common pokemon.
I've seen dragonflies, so I'd expect some scary Yanmegas around.
Meowth and Lilipup would be common too.
Snake pokemon too but rarely. I've spotted a few snakes in my yard over the years.


Self explanatory.
But it could be really interesting xD

Anyway, where I live, in a closed container, no pokémon would live here would live Starly, Pidoves, some bugs, like Heracross and Durants, Meowth and other common city 'mons.

Actually, I think it would be pretty freakin terrifiying, when you you stop to think about how large Yanmega really is. Worsed by the fact that Yanmega are determined predators. Assuming that they would avoid humans, pretty much all other wildlife wouldn't stand a chance.

Anyway, in my area, Tailow & Swellow, Pachirisu, Deerling & Sawsbuck are the only thing I expect to see.

Mighty Arceus493

In my house, I would like Riolu, Treecko and Elekid to live where I live. Their evolutions are my favourite Pokemon. They aren't too big for my house and they won't go wild, they'll just mind their own buisness. Maybe not Electivire...