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What pokémon would live where you live?

Absola the Disaster

Song of White Noise~
Well I live on the costline but I am 5min from the vally rainforest and rockpools which all happens to be in the middle of an extinct volcano~ there is urban areas and farmland in between...

I'd say that I would get a widely most of then probally excluding Most Ice types and maby Desert Pokemon :3


Howls of Loneliness
well I live in the woods so probaly eevees,hoothoots,pidgeys,and all forest type pokemon.


Well-Known Member
A desert island like in Hoenn with ;357; and ;182; but it would have to be safe... otherwise a quiet town like Azalea


Flame Trainer
Pretty much all the 1st route pokemon, but there's a huge marsh-like pit, so maybe some wooper, quagsire...all of that kind of stuff

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
No question that there would be Pikachu where I live. Now if only I could convince my parents to let me have one as a pet.


Active Member
i live in arizona wich is very hot so fire pokemon and ground pokemon mostly not much grass pokemon


Est sularus oth mith
Bird types, Ursaring. Deering, lots a plant types, The spiders of course, Eevee and the Eeveelutions, maybe not Glacion and Flarion but the rest would fit specially Leafeon. Magicarp definitely so we'd have Gyarados.