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What pokémon would live where you live?

Nightmare Fuel

Comin' for Ya
Ordinary stuff, but with a fiendish twist. Loadsa rain=Icirrus city= SHELMET,and when snowing, the occasional Vanniluxe. And common snivys all year round :)

Mrs Mime

a little haphazard
A lot of you are saying one slike Oddish and Victreebell - didn't know wild radishes and pitcher plants were that widespread. :p

Doves/Pheasants - Pidove line
Pigeons/Kestrels/Osprey - Pidgey line
Ponies/horses - Ponyta line
Rats - Rattata line
Mice - Pichu line
Squirrels - Pachirisu
Ladybirds - Ledyba line
Chickens/Roosters - Torchic line
Bats - Zubat line, Woobat line
Ducks/Swans - Ducklet lin
Gulls - Wingull
Foxes - Vulpix line
Ants- Durant
Robins/Swallows - Taillow line
Sparrows - Spearow
Blackbirds/Crows/Ravens - Murkrow line
Beetles - Heracross and Pinsir
Butterflies - Caterpie line, Wurmple line
Spiders - Spinarak line

That'll do. :p


New Member
I live in a city where its warm in the summer but it also snows a lot! And I live in a really large city so lots of rural Pokemon and ice types.

And some more :p but I say its a good mix.
I was thinking sbout all the animals i get by my house... and my pokemon world doesn't look very promising, so beach tropical pokemon and some city pokemon :(

Pigeons - Pidove
Ants - Durants (great, so now i get Durnats in my cereal..)
Crabs - Krabby
Stray cats - SKITTY :D
Sea eagles - ummm... Braviary?
Hairy Catapillars - yay! hairy catapie!

"I think I'll have a Braviary as my starter pokemon, prof., you see i don't really want a Durant or a Hairy Catapie.."


New Member
This ought to be a good thread to start in...

I live in a city, so urban pokemon would be common, but there are lots of trees, so there would also be plenty of forest pokemon. In the summer, Nincada, Zubat, and various moth pokemon would be abundant. There are also probably either Vulpix or Zorua around. There isn't much rain, so water-types would be rare, and grass-types would be drought-tolerant. Summers are hot and winters are cold, so both fire-types and ice-types would be found. Perhaps the region could even have a unique pokemon which was either fire/ice type or could change type depending on the season.


Cold *** Honky
Most bird types most bug types. A lot of the cat pokemon. And more cat pokemon. In my neighborhood, you can go two meters without seeing a cat. A lot of Rattata because of the empty lot behind my house, so Pachirisu too, because their case is similar to the cats'.


Vae Victis
Probably some bird-types, bug types, grass types. You know, the usual rural pokemon. Also whatever pokemon that lived in the forest because there is a forest in my backyard.


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ вuttєrflч!
Since I live next too a big field, there would probably be some forest Pokemon like Sawsbuck, Noctowl, etc.

Flash Sport

Whatcha gotta say?
Definitely Deerling and Sawbuck since my location is in a country area. I'm pretty sure nearby ranchers would bring in Ponyta/Rapidash, Tauros, and Miltank. Since there aren't any "goat pokemon" those would probably get replaced with Mareep. Rattata would probably be around a lot more since we have a chicken farm nearby. Perhaps then that would lead to some Meowth and Glameow. I can imagine Nidoran running around too.

The Lilipup line and Snubbull would probably be definite ones along with some others that would probably considered a bit more dangerous like: the Houndour line, Growlithe line, and Poochyena line since raising fighting dogs seems to be the rage. The schools would definitely have ghost pokemon since there's a graveyard right next to one and the other is supposedly built upon an old Native American burial ground. There wouldn't be an abundance of water Pokemon, but nearby ponds could have either Poliwag, Barboach, Goldeen, Remoraid, Tympole or a combination.

Ledyba would definitely be an annoyance around autumn and spring. Caterpie line, Weedle line, Combee, and Yanma in the summer. There's a lot of pine trees around so I suppose Pineco. Lightning bugs aren't really all that common any more so I suppose Volbeat and Illumise would swarm elsewhere. Can't have summer without the Kricketot and -tune. Venonats would be the plague.

I think Taillow would dominate the bird species around here with maybe a Ducklett or two mixed in. I've heard an owl on occasion so possibly a Hoothoot. Murkrow would take place of the annoying crows that like to alight near the house once in a while. Some Vullaby because buzzards frequent the roads where a bunch of dead Pachirisu would probably end up.

Some other random ones that might pop up could be Buneary, maybe Vulpix (extremely rare), Sunkern, Oddish, Cottonee, Hoppip line, and Foongus. I think we have green snakes (not really sure) so I suppose Snivy could be in the mix.

That's all I can think of right now. Forgive me if I misspelled a pokemon's name. I'm too lazy to go look 'em up.


lot's of city-dwellers in my area


Back from the Grave!
Where I live, I'd probably find some of the typical birds along with some Ducklett, Swanna, Rufflet, Braviary, Wingull, and Pelipper from time to time. Also, I'd see some of the different cat Pokemon like Meowth, Skitty, Glameow, and Purrloin. Because I live near a swamp, I'd probably see Poliwag, Croagunk, Lotad, Wooper, Yanma, Bidoof (with yellow teeth), Treeko, Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, and their evolutions. The Mississippi River is also very close, so I could fish for Magikarp, Feebas, and maybe Barboach. Every spring, there would be an outbreak of the worm Pokemon until they evolved and left. It would be quite a scene.

Edit: @HushMan about your sig...Same here bro:)
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Well-Known Member
Pidove, Wingull, Meowth, Purrloin, Lilipup, Houndour, Growlithe, Spinarak, Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple, Burmy, Combee, Larvesta, Trapinch, Magikarp, Goldeen, Ladyba, to name a few, some cases their evolutions too.

Probably some Grass types as well.

And in other parts of my country, their would be Zorua, Cubchoo, their evolutions too, that's all I can think of.

EDIT: If we count zoos, then there would be even more.

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
I live in Hawaii, so tropical Pokémon are the perfect match. Exeggcute, Exeggcutor, Tropius, Pelipper, Wingull, Alomomola, etc. Any Pokémon that would like the temperate weather, really.


Well-Known Member
Bugs ans Grass types, since I live around a bunch of trees.
Spinirak, Joltik, Durant, Oddish, Bellsprout, etc...
Bug types, for certain. I live in a city, so probably Poison and Steel types and maybe Electric.


Pit is Awesome :P
Hopefully Salamance, it would fly me to school everyday

Probobly Water types, way to much water where i live


TCG Gym Leader, Ret.
Florida, so likely all the waters except maybe the Spheal and Piplup families and Lapras unless they wind up at Disney or the Miami Seaquarium. The beaches would be overrun with Wingull and Pelipper and our local beach has a sea turtle re-nourishment program so count Squirtle and Tirtouga high on the list. Likely, too, all the electrics except Blitzle (save zoos, etc).

We have thriving industries in both cattle (beef and dairy) and equestrian so expect to see Tauros, Miltank, Bouffalant, and Ponyta on farms along with the various dogs and cats (meowth, growlithe, poochyena, etc) endemic to those areas. Tepig and Spoink might show up on someones farm or having gone feral , but they'll be uncommon-to-rare if they do.

Count in an assortment of city-birds including starly, pidove, et al, the bats, the deer, Mandibuzz, the ducks, Braviary...pretty much anything non-marsupial (no Kangas), non-ice (Lapras, Weavile, Vanillite, etc), and non-restricted to zoos (Zebstrika, the apes, etc). Anything not domesticated will be running wild or feral and what's not in an inhabited area (developed or rural) will likely wind up in the swamp so include poisons and the gators (totodile and krookodile).

Very Common's would include anything Sun-dependant: anything with Chlorophyll, sun stone evos, leaf stone evos, solarbeam carriers, etc, as well as Rain abusers (pretty well covered by water and electric, above) and water stone evos. Expect Exeggcute to be exceedingly common as we are actually "The City of Palms" (most of our streets are lined up both sides by coconut palms). Bet on seeing Raikou down here as well as we are known as the Lightning Capital of the World in addition to being the Sunshine State.

edit: yeah I actually spent some time thinking about this...especially once my 7 year-old called our housecat a Persian and our dog a Poochyena :p

And how could I forget the bugs? All these years waiting for a mosquito pokemon and I forgot the stupid bugs....
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