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What Pokemon Did You First EV Train?


Well-Known Member
My jirachi xD


The Knight of Dark
Ah....sweet memories of EVing my Electivire. Good times, good times.


Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm... IT was either my Leafeon or my Glaceon, but since I EVd them at the same time, I'll just say, Leafeon AND Glaceon!! <3


Drink Responsibly
My Umbreon on Silver. I wanted to have the same pokemon on my team as Gary so I EV'd a Umbreon, Arcanine, Dodrio, Scizor, Nidoking, and Blastoise as soon as I got the Time Capsule working. I concentrated on Umbreon first b/c he needed a happiness evo.


<- Zap Cannon Espeon
Assuming that we're only restricted to the 4th Gen... The first Pokemon I EV-Trained was either a Magmar or an Electabuzz. Both Pokemon were part of a team inspired by a story I used to make up when I was young.

Assuming that 3rd Gen is counted, then my first would be a Salamence that I trained for the Battle Frontier.

Thor's Beard

Well-Known Member
My AWESOME Latios was my first. Haven't done as much EV training recently as I would have liked recently, my shiny adamant absol is just begging for some attack EVs right now!


4th Gen. Dragon '88
I ev trained japanese 10th anniv mew and that's my first one of


Undercover Rocket
Hmm, EV's were introduced in Gen3 and I doubt I EV trained in FR so it would have been in emerald with the EV berries. If I recall, my 1st EV trained pokemon would be a Flygon OR a Sceptile.


Well-Known Member
My first Pokémon to be EV-trained was my Agility Piplup.

Dark Destiny

Battle Noob
Erm. Garchomp/Dragonite? One of those two dragons ^^. Love dragon types. Even now, I give EV jobs but sometimes I'll Ev the dragons myself. They're just so cool!

Doctor Awesome

<3 Magikarp ;]
I've never understood EV Training, to be honest. But I attempted on my Rampardos in a previous Diamond file, but gave up because of my bad luck at finding the right Pokémon...


EV trained my Mewtwo back on FireRed. Too bad it was Docile.


Pokemon Caretaker
The PokeRadar makes it a lot easier. Hence why I'll use Platinum as a platform for training Pokemon, then transfer them to Soul Silver, which will be my main until 5th gen.