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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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Easter Egg

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Which Pokemon did you use your Masterball on?
I used mine on Thundurus.

Squiddly Dee

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I haven't used it yet~ >: D


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I haven't used it yet, but there's nothing really that I can use it on, as I've caught all the legendaries. I'll probably just save it in case I find a low-capture rate shiny, since I don't carry pokes with false swipe or sleep moves


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On Black I used it on Reshiram, and on White I used it on Thundurus.

Missingno. Master

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I didn't use any of mine. I'm hoarding them in the event of an emergency, such as a Shiny Metang that's about to Struggle itself to death, or a Shiny Drifblim/Solrock/Lunatone/anything else that's hard to catch and carries Explosion. Stuff like that.


I used mine on Landorus. I just really wanted to easily catch a legendary for once. I usually hoard the things to the point that they never get used, and in that case there really isn't a point in keeping them. I guess my other is marked for a random shiny that may pop up. :)


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I used it on thunderus or which ever the running one is on black version. Of course that was my last save file.


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I've yet to use it. I don't really have a need for it, so I can't see myself using it, or my second one, on any Pokémon in particular.

Mr. Combover

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I used it on Thundurus, since I hate dealing with roamers.


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Tornadus and Thundurus. I don't like wasting time chasing a Legendary around, trying to whittle down its HP.
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