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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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My master ball was thrown at Tornadus before I realized I could've trapped him with Mean Look or Hypnosis.


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Nothing as of now. I still have it. I don't think I'll ever use it unless if an explosive shiny comes along.


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I have not used mine =\ I like catching my Pokemon in Luxury balls and now I just got my Dragonspiral Reshiram and Zekrom after 10s of SRing I came up with good IVs on both ..


Think Magical!
havent used it yet, Only will use it on self-destructing shinies


Sol Badguy
My level 5 modest lillipup.


One Tough Cookie
Landorus. I didn't feel like getting my legenday-catching team from the PC.


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Never used it, never will.
I try to not use my Master Ball for anything in any PKMN game. I'm that awesome.
And I caught Zekrom in an Ultra Ball.


I see you. And you.
Never used it, never will.
I try to not use my Master Ball for anything in any PKMN game. I'm that awesome.
And I caught Zekrom in an Ultra Ball.

I haven't used mine either. It's no wonder that you caught it in an ultra ball. Its catch rate is super high. I wouldn't be suprised if you caught it at full health on your first try.
I haven't used it on anything. Now that I have two for trading so much... I have no idea what I'll do with them.


What do I do now?
Found Thundurus-panicked-threw masterball-ownage : D


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Zekrom *sigh*

At least I'm pretty sure I did. I have Black version too, so I could get another Master Ball any time I wanted.


Never used mine. Will probably just end up keeping it or using it in a trade eventually. Thought about using it on Tornadus, but decided to just false swipe, sleep powder, quick ball him instead.


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Im planning to use it on Kyurem since its level is very high it has a good ice type move(not really) and endeavor making it hard to put it in red hp without killing me.

neo darkrai

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I never used my Master Ball. In fact I got another one from the guy at the Pokémon Center in Castelia City for having 50 different OTs. Never gonna use that one either.


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Got Kyurem in two Ultra Balls, can't say I'd recommend your plan.

I SR for every legendary in the game besides roamers. He's to risky to catch in his shiny form plus thats just luck. Kyurem has a catch rate of three so 2 ultra balls is lucky.

I made sure I saved my Master Ball for getting a Shiny Kyurem, which I'm proud to have gotten after over 500 soft resets - and an insane amount of patience.
I have more patience in my thumb than you. I did over 10,000 SR's for my shiny Virizion now stop making yourself look bad to other shiny hunters.
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