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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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Disney Trainer
Well..... i caught Zekrom with a master ball. Little did I know he would be caught with any ball with out fail anyway. Hahaha (self mocking laugh.)

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
I used mine on reshiram, shouldnt have caught it in a premier ball and rng'd it -_- but I was mostly blasing through the game :p


1st & 2nd Gen champ!
I'd use it on a shiny pokemon (I've only found one at the start of the SS) and a rare roaming pokemon worth catching, otherwise I would't use it, not even for legendaries.
Still have yet to use a Master Ball on any Pokémon game in all of my 8 years of playing, I have almost 30 on my Pokémon Platinum from various restarts/lottery wins.
I've still got mines, it'll be used for an emergency or special occasion. Examples of which would be a whirlwind/self-destructing shiny or shiny Kyurem if I ever get round to SRing that.

I used to use it on the box legend right away or Mewtwo when starters were still on boxes but it's more fun to use other balls.


New Member
Haven't used mine yet, trying not too. Only if i had no other pokeball's and then say i came across a RE shiny.


Team Builder / RMT
Fortunate enough to encounter a shiny Graveler last gen:I nabbed it with the master ball.
I only use it when I really need to:It's the same this gen.


Active Member
In Black I used my master ball on kyurem ;)
Based on the relative ease of capturing Cobalion, three ultra balls and three timer balls, got him with a timer ball, I'll probably save my for the time when GameFreak gives us what we want and recognizes Missingno as the uber end all pokemon that you get to battle when you introduce Black Kyurum to White Kyurum.... Makes sense, Kyurum is based on the concept of nothing, what better than the one most famous Pokemon who is literally nothing, not even a real Pokemon....

Or I'll just save it for White 2 which is the more logical option of my deluded fantasies...


Steel-Clad Wonder
I think I wasted it on Cobalion.


Deino Master
I used mine on Kyurem. The rest like Cobalion, I used Dusk Balls and caught Zekrom with 2 Ultra Balls.


Shiny Hunter
...Now that I think about it, I've yet to use my Masterball. I've caught all the legendaries in this game too so now I think I'll just leave it in my bag, still collecting dust. If I find a shiny that may escape then I guess I'll use it then.


New Member
I did not even use mine, all the pokemon in black were easy to catch. Heart Gold on the other hand.......
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