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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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There for grace I go
reshiram and zekrom i think...
and landourus

Shadow XD001

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Haven't used, since I never was in an emergency or low on Poké Balls. If I am in an emergency, than I'll probably use it if I absolutely have to.


I didn't use mine and I did 50+Online trades so the guy in castelia gave me another one


Thundurus. I hated chasing Raiku and Entei in SS, so I decided to only find Thundurus once.


Like a boss
I caught all legendaries without it so I decided to use it on a Whismur in White Forest. Just a plain old Whismur.


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Like many other people, I used mine on Thundurus. I know you can do the Mean Look thing, later use a Quick Ball, and all that... But I'm too lazy. I just wanted to capture the thing.


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Zekrom, which I'm still dissing myself for doing so.


You can get two master balls in game the first from the professor (or whoever gives it to you) the 2rd is from the trading guy in the Pokémon center after 50 trades on the GTS or GTS negotiations.

The 1st one was on Thundurus (like on all other games I save the master ball for the toughest pokemon to catch and runners take to long to catch.)

The 2rd one was on Landorus simply because it was the last legendary remaining (should have used it on Kyreum who was a major pain with its endeavor knocking my entire team down to 1 hp each.)
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AKA Nightlingbolt
Tornadus. Thundurus. Anything else is stupid.


Must stay awake...
The very fist game I played was Sapphire, and I used it on a Lv. 40 Hariyama in Victory Road. Yeesh. Nowadays, though? Anything roaming is the best idea.
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