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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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I have a level 100 Bisharp which I learned False Swipe and Thunder Wave. I use him for capturing pokemon. So I used that, and caught Thunderus with quick balls on the fifth try. Haven't yet seen a shiny, but I wil use my master ball on for example a metang or metagross.


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I still haven't used my Master Ball. I've been going through the whole game catching my legendaries with Premier Balls. I'm saving my Master Ball for the moment I either see a shiny in the wild, or a shiny legendary. I've been hunting Kyurem for him to be the one to be caught in it.


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I still haven't used mine and don't know what to use it on either. Caught every Pokemon i can so maybe on a shiny Pokemon, if i ever see one at all.


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I used mine on Zekrom o/ hand caught the rest.


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I haven't used it. I thought about using it on Thunderus, but I'm not that wrapped in that trio so I haven't bothered. I might just save it until White 2, and see what roaming Pokemon that game has.


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I still haven't used mine. I guess I'll just save it for whenever I see a shiny Pokemon or one of the legends.


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I'm saving mine for a shiny :3 I caught Reshiram with a Net Ball, after failing with every other ball, I was left being like, "I don't even..."


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I used it on Thundurus, just to get it over with, but if I had to do it again, I would've used quick balls


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I haven't used a masterball in ages... probably last time was my Kyogre on Sapphire. I stockpile them for trades and to use on shiny legendaries when I SR for them, just in case the other balls don't get the job done.

I think I've accumulated 3 of them on my White so far, just from restarting my Black a few times.

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