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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
My shiny Haxoros, he was too annoying to catch...


Just a guy
I used my masterball a Shiny Latios I SR'd for. Took me forever, but it happened eventually :p


Well-Known Member
I use my masterball on landorus, pokemon in party is not high level enough so all of them were defeated, so i have to use it on it :)


tainted holy water
Uxie. I caught Azelf and Mesprit like cake (with Great Balls, actually), but Uxie would not. Get. In. Anything. Else. So I wasted my Master Ball on that.


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
I used mine on Kyurem because of it's high level haha :).


Active Member
Kyurem. Didn't care enough about Shinies and didn't like Thundurus enough to go after them.


Spiffy ~ ^^"
I don't think I've used my Master Ball yet, and since I've caught all Legendaries, I don't know what to use it for ..


Well-Known Member
I used mine on thornadus. Or is thundurus the legendary in black?


I still have not used mine... I almost ended up using it on Zekrom, but I ended up catching it with a Nest Ball. :/ Hopefully I'll find a shiny to use it on before Saturday!
Thundurus, because I hate roaming Pokemon.
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Xenlon Cavalier
I haven't used mine yet, actually.


Wandering Battler
I utilized mine or Tornadus. Bloody hate roamers. Platinum was a Darkrai's nightmare with 5 freaking legendary roamers


Well-Known Member
I used mine on Landorus. It was on a higher level than my Pokémon, so I was so tired of reviving my Pokémon by the time I ran out of Ultra Balls that I just used the Master Ball so that I wouldn't have to battle it again.


I like Chesse
Zekrom I didn't know that you can just use a quick ball on it.


Well...nothing yet to be honest. I was thinking on using it on a Shiny Charm legendary hunt, but I still haven't imported my Pokémon yet to complete the dex.

I very rarely use Quick Balls on legendaries though, as I usually spend the first turn doing a speed check. If it doesn't make the mark, I reset immediately. The only time I captured one was with the Latios, and it was lucky that it was a top speed.
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