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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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I used the master ball on Reshiram, planning to keep resetting until I could get a good nature(I didn't realize he had a high catch rate, and wouldn't take long to catch with another ball). But I couldn't check It's nature until after cut scenes and two battles, and after I did that i didn't care, I just didn't wanna do it again. For me the final battles were just a nuisance I was trying to get over and done with so I could check Reshiram's nature, rather than an epic conclusion. Well I guess that speaks volumes about the difficulty of the game.


It's a mystery.
I have not used it from the time I received it. Usually, I'd use it on a roaming pokemon, though in the case with 5th gen, I honestly didn't have problems catching Tornadus. It'll probably be awhile before I decide to use it on something, so for now, my Master Ball is just collecting some dust. :/

The Red Thunder

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I still have both of mine from Black and White. I've saved them for something that I really want, like an exploding Shiny or for when I run into a Shiny that I'm afraid I'll KO.

I caught all the Black and White legendary Pokemon in either Pokeballs or Premier Balls.


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Pretty sure I used it on Thundurus. Wasn't really too keen on chasing it around Unova.

The other legendaries were so much easier to catch than previous games

Lady Umbreon

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Managed to save my Master Ball (I love you, Quick Balls!). Figure I'll trade it to Gray or whatever they call the third game.

Jonah the Slaking

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Before I knew that N would heal my Pokemon, I decided to use it on Zekrom. And that's exactly what I did.

...I've banged my head on walls for twenty minutes every day since.

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I used it on Cobalion, who I then used in my battles against N and Ghetsis. Haven't caught Virizion, Terrakion, or Kyurem (yay Dex trades). Quick Balled Thundurus.

I now have five or six others, thanks to the miracles of the Internet and DW females.


I used mine on Zekrom because I didn't know what would happen if I didnt catch it. That was the first time I played. The second time I never finished...I got a bit bored *Looks for Insparation*
I used it on Reshiram, just one principle - I always catch the "star" of the game in a masterball. Oddly, when I was after Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion, they would break out of ultra balls, quick balls, etc... I went through over 30 ultra balls with Cobalion, and as I was wishing that I'd saved the masterball for him, I caught him in a pokeball. The first pokeball. I proceeded to catch Virizion and Terrakion in pokeballs as well - it was the only ball they didnt break straight out of. I wish I'd saved the masterball for a rare/fleeing shiny though...


I used mine on a Shiny Wailmer that I found in Undella Bay. I managed to capture the Legendary Pokemon with Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls, which is something I'm proud of.


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Used mine on Thunderus.

I just didn't want to spend all the effort on roamers again (darn Latios).

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I actually didn't use mine yet. I used a quick ball on both Reshiram and Tornadus(I love quick balls) since Reshiram is easy to catch(i caught it 3 times so far and a quick ball has never failed) and Tornadus you can weaken and still use a quick ball on it. I probably will use it on a legendary that I SR for a shiny one, or on a shiny pokemon with selfdestruct, whirlwind, etc.


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Never use master ball, i catch my zekrom, kyurem with pokeball :D, Landorus and trio musketters with Timer ball (Best ball after masterball, just use Flash swipe, and paralyze Wild pokemon, and then waste your time, when enough just throw this ball), and my Thundurus with Ultraball
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kyurem: ultra ball
thunderous: pokeball
zekrom: great ball

thunderous is easy to catch with a crobat on your team

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I always catch everything in a poke ball, legendaries included. So I haven't used mine yet, and probably never will use it.
I finally used my 1st Masterball of B/W on Reshiram the other day. I was Synchronizing for desired results and it helped the process go much quicker.
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