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What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

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Have yet to use it on anyone yet. Though Thundurus is really wanting me to use it.


Lover of underrated characters
I used mine on Thundurus


Half a centaur
I used it on Thundurus. I hate trying to capture roaming pokemon...


Flame Trainer
Never used it and got a second one from the guy in Castelia City. I'm just holding on to my 2 masterballs...wait no!


Well-Known Member
My friend told me that she used her very first one on an Ursaring, because it was big and apparently "cool-looking". Wasn't shiny or special or anything. Just an Ursaring. xD


Virizion. I like the way he looked, so I chose to use it on him :)


Dragon Trainer
Zekrom, i had no other use for it...

Silent Murderer

Shadow Trainer
Thundurus, i always use the master ball on roamers

Ace Trainer Nick

Veteran Ace Trainer
I did not use and will only use it on a shiny. If I ever encounter one.......

I've encountered plenty but it's a chance if you really want to ko the stats just google,

On a side hand I've used it on all legendaries, I have brought over pokemon with master balls so I can just catch them instantly, it's worth bout the 250+ hr game time.


Ace Trainer
Zekrom, didn't want to have to keep trying really hard to catch the right nature and restarting the game too many times. So cheated with and Abra with an adament natures and the ability synchronize. It would have taken too long to capture hime through normal ultra balls and such...

My second Master Ball was used on Kyurem, I didn't know he was going to be lv. 75 ^^;
My current team was only lv. 60-67 at the time and I really wanted him.

(Also before anyone says anything, You get a second master ball in pokemon white/black for doing 50 trades over Wi-Fi from an in-game guy who checks how many trades you've done. After 50 trades he will give you one as a gift.)

Mike Breezy

Active Member
In Black, I used mine on Tornadus. Like others before me, I hate trying to catch roamers. I think the only roamer I ever tried to catch like a regular fight was a Moltres in Platinum.

In White, haven't decided yet. Might try catching Thundurus without it. Idk though.. Seeing how some people are saying they keep their Master-balls for shiny pokemon seems like a good idea. Except I RNG..so it really doesn't matter. x)

The Nemesis

Ditto Farmer
Nothing yet. I was going to use it on Thundurus but then I said "aww, what the heck, I'll just try an ultra ball one more time" and it worked. So I still have my master ball, and nothing to use it on unless I decide to eventually use it to capture Landorus.


Howls of Loneliness
none because I still have it I am saving it for a shiny that is hard to catch.
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