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What Pokemon do you collect?

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Really and truly
A lot of people like to collect all kinds of merchandise of specific Pokemon, or a Pokemon evolutionary line. Are there any specific Pokemon you like to collect? What made you start collecting them? Are there any types of items you like to focus on? Will you buy items of other members of their evolutionary line? How big do you want your collection to be? Do you have any "accidental" collections?

I like to collect my favourite Pokemon, even if I don't necessarily use them in-game. They're usually Pokemon whose designs I just really like. I generally focus the most on Mewtwo and Mew, then Scyther. I'd like to collect a big more of female Meowstic. Some other Pokemon I like and have formed small collections of include Grovyle, Blaziken, Raikou, Electrike, and the Snivy line.

I tend to focus on specific Pokemon and not evolutionary lines. Sometimes, items of other members of their families will slip in, though! I'm mainly interested in plush, figures and keychains/phone straps and I try to stay away from flats. I don't want to have any really big collections, so I usually try to limit myself to items I really want.

Photo time!

















Snivy line

I also have a few accidental collections:

Eeveelutions - fun fact, I don't love Umbreon, but I made an Umbreon cosplay so my friends have bought me Umbreon things.


Zangoose - I actually rather like Zangoose, but I'm not entirely sure how much I want to collect it.



What Pokemon do you like to collect?

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Mudkip pretty much, since it's the one I consistently look for. I don't have a lot of it yet, but I'm definitely keen on getting more, especially the huge plush released last year. By extension, I also have a few merch of the other Hoenn starters, though not nearly as much as the Mudkip ones.

Aside from those three, I also really wanna get more Jirachi merch, but it's considerably harder to find. I only have two so far.




I only have one of everything else, though I do have two Swirlix merch since one was gotten randomly, and i have a Xerneas plush with a sticker from getting Pokemon X. Definitely interested in getting more Jirachi, and more Drifloon and Whismur, too, so that my current merch of them won't be so lonely. XD
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The Oddish Line - I have four bellossom plushies, one oddish plush, one vileplume plush, Burger King Vileplume keychain, Vileplume kid figure, four bellossom figures, the oddish line pokemon center charms and a custom gloom plush that's tiny. And I have some bellossom necklaces that were made from upcycles bellossom figures. I like to keep an eye out on any merchandise with the oddish line in it because they're my favourite.

Other pokemon I like collecting varies, I get drawn into collecting fairy and grass type pokemon because they're my favourite types. And I also enjoy collecting vintage toys, starters and some of the Johto pokemon. I enjoy collecting goomy as well.


Fire Pokemon Trainer
Main Collections:
;004; ;006; ;038; ;135;

Side Collections:
:498: :643:

New Collections Still Growing
;155; ;470; :552:

i only collect cards of:

;151; ;058; ;059; ;037; ;133; ;134; ;136; ;196; ;197; ;228; ;229;

i also collect fire type zukan

Some pics:

Ninetales Collection (old image - not up to date):

Old pic, just missing the newly arrived zukan and new cards. Ninetales has got to be one of the characters with the fewest amount of merch for a popular pokemon.

Jolteon Collection:

Cards, charms, and zukan not shown, but otherwise up to date

Char Line Collection (old image):

Not shown, cards and Charizard X merch

Old Team in zukan form


Crimson Dragon
Flygon Suicune, Froslass and zoroa lines, so far i have keychains, plush. some fan design cards of them minus Flygon for plush. though of the 4, Flygon and Suicune are the main focus.

id like to post a pic but i dont have any link i can setup to show pics.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I collect Oshawott/Dewott merchandise; I have the Oshawott and Dewott McDonald's toys as well as Tomy figures of each and several cards (around 30 so far). I also collect Meowth cards and occasionally Pikachu stuff like plushies and figures from yard sales.
Well, back when I was a huge MLP fan (not that much any more), I tended to buy merch of characters that were favorites.
This has passed on to Pokemon now.

If I can find any merch of them, I tend to primarily look for merch of any of my top six favorite Pokemon (Lucario/Buizel/Suicine/Samurott/Zoroark/Keldeo).
Unfortunately, really good merch for these guys is, a lot of the time, not super easy to come buy, at least where I live.

Doesn't mean I don't have been lucky enough to come by a few things, though.

- two Samurott trading cards (they're both the same, one's just a holo card of the other)
- a small Lucario figure
- two small (not super small, though, just not large) Keldeo and Buizel plush toys.

Don't have any photos of them, unfortunately.
(What a great idea for a forum section!!)

I collect Pokemon I like, and mainly in plush form. I haven't been able to collect much of anything recently due to me going back to school. As for specific collections, Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr are my focus. I have a small collection of them in figure, plush, and flat form. I've passively kept my eyes open for the old 1:1 Totodile plush, but I was able to obtain the Feraligatr UFO a couple years ago. It's my favorite item.


Smug Snek
I don’t collect any particular Pokemon at the moment, but I would absolutely love to start a Virizion collection. Unfortunately a lot of her merch is really expensive *cries a little*
I also want to start a Litleo/Pyroar (mostly female Pyroar) collection, but so far I only have the Pokemon Center Litleo plush. I’m hoping to get the Litleo Pokedoll and the Tomy Litleo plush soon.


Shiny Huntress
Made my own Pokeball once out of one of those things you get from the $2 bubble plush things you see in arcades or malls. I did get those 3D talking/moving Pokemon cards that BK put out when the first movie was in theaters way back in 1998, the battery has long since died (been 17 years so duh) but they were so cool the way they moved and made the Pokemon sounds, still have them now. Also have a Jessie and James figure, a few cell phone charms, two from Japan that my ex got me when he was there the first time though Dialga has a broken leg and doesn't stand up, a Mew clip/chain that I had on my old bed for years. Also a Pokeball with Pikachu in it that had a belt clip so you could wear it just in in the anime.
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I am a serious fan of the Tao Trio, but mostly Kyurem with a bit of Zekrom mixed in.

I also have a small-ish Keldeo-R collection that sort of *accidentally* started due to a Christmas gift I received one year.

I have a small collection of Mega Charizard X/Y, and Rayquaza. Zygarde is also in there!

There's a preference for plush in the majority of my collections, but I make sure not to get those that are too similar to each other.

As of Gen 7 I've taken a liking to the starter lines *especially Rowlet* and a few that were lucky enough to get at least charms at this point. I have Decidueye and Primarina arriving in the next week or so with Incineroar arriving at some point later. ;o


Crimson Dragon
i tend to collect items pertaining to may fav pkmn, namely Flygon, Gardevoir, Suicune, Fetch'd and a few other "unloved" pkmn. im hoping to get a Furret plushie that doesnt look like a dopey version of a cute Ferret. any and all Flygon line related item are always on the list. i already have a decent collection of plushies from previous anime convention visits.

so far my 2-3 fav items are my 1ft plushies of Flygon, shiny Fetch'd and normal Zoroark.
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New Member
Just recently started collecting Mimikyu merch, which I'm lucky to find that there is so much. :3 Just ordered the special Japan release plush of Mimikyu from hobby_japan and a 7" Mimikyu plush as well as the TCG pin set. If anyone could point me in the direction of some super cute Mimikyu stickers, I would appreciate it.

Mrs. Oreo

I collect Legendary Pokemon merchandise, mostly those little Tomy figurines although I own some plush dolls and bigger action figures as well. Currently, I'm collecting Lugia, Mew, Suicune, Latios and Latias merchandise.


I only collect Mew items such as original Japanese Mew memorabilia from the Red/Green/Blue/Yellow days, although recently I've been seeking some American Mew toys too such as the Burger King Mew toy.


#1 Sylveon Fan
I collect Legendary Pokemon merchandise, mostly those little Tomy figurines although I own some plush dolls and bigger action figures as well. Currently, I'm collecting Lugia, Mew, Suicune, Latios and Latias merchandise.

Cool collection idea.

I am still looking for a Zapdos plush, any ideas where my Bird of Thunder would reside?
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