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What Pokemon do you think that the Writers Liked and Disliked?


Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
I don't think the production staff is necessarily afraid that victims will be offended. I think their biggest motivation for not showcasing Porygon is to avoid bringing the seizure incident to light once again.
So it's never happening because the actual culprit is still among the cast and will not leave.


I don't think it's as much a matter as "like" or "dislike" and more of what they are allowed to use and what they have avoid.

Either way, treatment-wise, Chespin's got the worse. It was basically made a gag in a secondary character party while his fellow starters went to more relevant characters.

I mean, I like Clemont and all but... He didn't need a starter.

And it's hilarious that, in a way, we've had two Chespins and both end up being mostly irrelavant. Even if I like Mairin's, all it did was become a plot device to up Alain's angst


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I think Lucario is one of the Pokemon writers like too much that they make it look like legendary, having full movie about him and aura thing, first time Ash battle Lucario and only tie with him despite having so much luck on his side, than get wrecked by Cameron lucario a DEM, later get destroy by Korrina Lucario twice, Kukui's Lucario broke the trend of Ash getting wrecked by Lucario, but than they bring back Lucario favouritism by giving Ash his own Lucario with sooooo much screentime compared to other pokemons than for some reason he is forgotten like other JN team now.
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Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
I think Lucario is one of the Pokemon writers like too much.
...You think?

It's a rather glaring fact they like it a lot that it never misses a chance to do something big every saga, even when the actual games don't give it special focus in some regions.


Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
Except SM
As cheap as it limelight was, it was owned by the strongest trainer in the region.

Except said trainer shouldn't really have one.


Torterra. Both Paul and Ash's were barely shown. Paul didn't even bother to use his Torterra against Brandon, nor was it used in their final battle in the Sinnoh League. Ash's Torterra, well, you know what happened there. I feel like the writers missed an opportunity by not having a rivalry between the two Torterras that could've culminated at the Sinnoh League. It would've been nice seeing Ash have two regional aces. But no, instead we had Ash's Torterra get crapped on by a weakened Drapion.


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They probably hated Torkoal which explains why they gave it that annoying crying trait and had him lose his only BF battle.

And I think they hated Glalie too and only had Ash's Snorunt evolve so that Ash would have another strong Pokemon for the Hoenn league.

tbh, i don't think they hate Glalie as a line though. It has appeared in every series since its introduction (Except for XY, but that was made up with it appearing in the Volcanion movie, which is a gen 6 one). It has even appeared twice in SUMO and Journeys.

Heck, i am even gonna make the bold statement someone at the Pokemon Company/Gamefreak has Glalie as its favorite mon, due to it appearing in every game/generation since its debut (Even getting a Mega in ORAS, despite Glalie being one of the least obvious mons to get one), except for gen 5 and obviously Lets Go and is obviously gonna appear again in the Sinnoh remakes and most likely also Legends Arceus.

With certain Pokemon, it might look they are hated due to the treatment of Ash's, but look at Boldore for example. It only skipped XY as a series. However, since then, it has appeared 10 times in Sun and Moon and 3 times in Journeys. But this are only the major and minor appearances, it has appeared far more as a background mon in other Journeys episode (It even appeared as a wild Boldore in the falinks episode as a background mon).

However, the biggest disliked normal (So non-legendary) Pokemon is Klang. It has yet to appear in the Pokemon Anime and we are three series in after its debut.
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In hindsight, I don't think they're fond of Bangiras since they've made it a villain in many of its appearances, almost as often as Spear and Gyarados. I have no particular attachment to the species either, but it's somewhat sad to see one of the more popular Gen II species receive such a bad showing in the series.