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What Pokemon do you use for Battle Hall?

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From Zero To Hero
My Jolly EVd LO Ambipom w/ Fake Out/Double Hit/Shadow Claw/Brick Break. Works wonders.


I use Electivire. No particular reason, I just do.

It won every match and it beat Argenta's Arcanine so yay.

lucario the great one

Well-Known Member
I use my super duper Aurus(Lucario) I've reached a streak of 100 with it:D


Well-Known Member
first save i used magmortar
reached 79 wins then in the 80th battle got beaten by bastiodon(fire=neutral TB is not eff and whats he use of confuse ray?) lol had Fire blast and flamethrower.
this time im gonna use porygon Z or Electivire


Garchomp for me (I got the gold print with one of these), it's hardly original, but CB Garchomp tears down almost anything. Against Bug/Steel pokemon, I may want Focus Sash in case certain pokemon like Forretress use Counter. It's really annoying to lose a streak because your CB'ed EQ doesn't OHKO, and then gets thrown back in your face twice as hard.


Eye of the Storm
I used Garchomp and Gyarados. Garchomp got me pretty far but my Gyarados failed


Lucario hugger!
O_O My shiny choice band Tyranitar zirconia i lost after the 4th battle -_- but i still luffles her and my choice scarf blaziken named sun.
Cyril: earthquaking Nikki the metagross, flamethrowering charizard and Psychicing Latios


<-- my *****
used a weavile and almost got to silver print, but go slamed with the most unbelievable 4 in a row confused hax and lost on 46-47th battle. trying again with a banded sharpedo for fun.


Long Time No See!
For my first run through of the Hall, I used my in game Ludicolo from Emerald and beat Argenta... got to the sixth streak and was hacked.

Using my (shiny!) EV trained Gardevoir now though, but got hax'd against a Dusclops in my sixth streak. Trying again now... Battle Frontier haxx is the worst kind, indeed.


F&J Manga-Ka
Just started last night -- 30 wins so far with my Flareon in Single Battles!

It's too bad that for Double Battles (with a Single Trainer), you have to have two of the same species of Pokemon...
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