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What Pokemon do you use for Battle Hall?

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I used my empleon, and he's still going strong :)
Well, at least he's level 96, huh? And I only beat battle hall brain the first time cause of the life orb.... milotics can be so annoying.


I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
I use gyarados, with the bulky gyarados EV's. I got 106 wins in a row. Even though I suggest to use garchomp with outrage and lum berry.

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Badabim badabum!
Infernape here, though it lost it's 75th match...
Did not see that Aerial Ace coming...
Anyway, It made pretty far with Close Combat, Flamethrower and Thunderpunch...
I'm still colecting enough BP to Earthquake...

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Badabim badabum!
The first double post in here ;_;


I used espeon I got far until I lost to a dragonite


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I use my in-game Porygon-Z for the Battle Hall(as well as the rest of the frontier).
Because it can learn a large variety of moves, and it is easier to just sweep Pokemon with Ice Beam, Psychic, T-bolt, etc. Total beast in the Battle Hall. :D


in my first save i used my empoleon and got to the silver pass, won it then restarted my game. i think it had flash cannon, shadow claw, surf, and ice beam. so i also tend to use a variety moveset


I went with my Infernape, & got a 50-win battle streak. I haven't tried again since. At the time, he knew Grass Knot, Flare Blitz, Fire Blast, & Earthquake.


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In my now stolen Platinum, I used Staraptor. It managed to give me my first print.


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I used Staraptor and Garchomp. I won it with Garchomp against Claydol(damn defense)


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I beat Argenta earlier today with my Level 70 Flareon -- she had a Yanmega that used Endure twice in a row but failed on the second attempt after a Petaya Berry boosted its Special Attack and Speed Boost activated. Just two Flamethrowers... and I had a Silver Print!

I've watched the video a couple times and LOLed...

In my 50-win streak, I battled against Normal, Fire, Electric, Grass, Ice, Flying, Poison, Bug, Dark and Steel types. The funny thing is... whenever I chose to battle against a Poison-type... all of them were either of the Grass/Poison or Bug/Poison type!

Update: 60 wins! I might be able to get Flareon to 70 or 80 depending on the opponents' Pokemon. She's at Level 71 now.
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I used my flareon, and it got me to somewhere RIGHT before argenta, then i used dig on a rock type... BIG mistake... it earthquaked me and my poor lv. 55 flareon got pwnd... *sobs*


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I once uses a SpecsMence

Got 148 Wins untill a Tokekiss with Air Slash haxed me to death
My Salmence couldn't take 4 Air Slashes and he never got to attack once.


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It's nothing original but I've been using a Salamence (Choice Specs standard). I managed a silver print but was somehow frozen by a Slowbrow and whittled down to a complete loss on battle 79. So darn close to gold, I was just stomping the rest of the competition.

I'm going to get silver in all of the others before coming back for the gold, I actually do like the format of the Hall.
in diamond i use these different pokemon. and i vary the teams=
i don't use legandaries, you cant make train them easily because you usually get them at a high level....

my best team is tyranitar-dragonite-metagros, they got me past the 2nd frontier brain battle!
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