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What pokemon do you use the most?

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TeamRocket Giovanny
First Gen Starters , Gengar , Haunter , Luxray(since i started i used it then traded it for an empoleon best trade but now i miss that luxray since it helped me win the elite 4 with weak pokemon under 60 except infernape who was 62 at the time) And Currently munchlax And Alakazam , Crobat , Metagross , Scizor And absol


Gengar Enthusiast
Well I use my Gengar and my Dragonite the most often. I like those two. ^_^


Master of Disguise
the most? Pit, my beloved Ampharos


Miltank, Leafeon has proved itself very capable, TANGROWTH (the best ever), garchomp and tyranitar for winning purposes. Those two together is like sex, sand veil + sand stream mmmmm....


Pearl:Empoleon Deoxys and my super snazzy Shiny Mightyena
FireRed-Blastiose Mewtwo and Pideot

Sam Anything

Sunny Days
i'd say my cyndaquil :)

yes, call it weak, but its been EV'ed, treated right and maxed out :)

its my favourite pokemon :)!

my little fire starter :D


6 different pokemon
Staff member
in online baatles: starmie and bissey
just in the game: lucrio and gengar and my syncroniseraltsies


The Plot Thickens
Castform, always has been, always will.


DieHard Nintendo Fan
I use my Dialga, Arcanine, Vaporeon Flygon coz he's awesome, Giratina and normally a pokemon I'm trying to train up or something, if there isn't any I'm training up then I normally use something like a Luxray, Torterra, Leafeon, Salamence, Scizor, Aggron, Alakazam, yeah......


Probably Palkia, because it has the best moves methinks and has the highest level.
My Infernape is pretty good as well.
I'm also quite partial to Jynx which I'm trying to level up, and Milotic so they're used quite a lot at the moment.


<--- Clair
All dragons, jirachi, metagross, tyranitar you know them
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