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What Pokemon Should/Should Have Got Evolutions?


Do The Tevez!
For me it has to be Qwilfish(Come on it sucks!) and Arbok (An evolution is just what it needs!
So what are your thoughts?


I don't care...
Sableye should have gotten one. With no weaknesses, an evolution with better stats would easily make it a good OU contender. Also, I think Luvdisc could have used one. I mean, seriously, it's just an awful Pokemon...


~Deity of Valleity~
Farfetch'd and Luvdisc. Next.


The Blazing Tempest
i would think of something like this

tyrouge can go to all the hitmon---s and all the hitmons evolve into one thing.

also the close-happy erik will come and close this. i can smell it

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Since this hasn't been closed or moved, I'll throw my 2 cents in.

I would like to see any pokemon that hasn't evolved to get an evolution or a pre-evolution. Any pokemon that already has 1 evolution, I'd like to see a 2nd evolution.

If not for another evolutionary stage, I'd like another evolutionary option. I like the idea of pokemon being able to go down different evolutionary paths (Kirlia and Gallade/Gardevoir or Snorunt Glalie/Froslass etc.)


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Jynx I wouldn't agree with if logic didn't say she should with Magmar and Electabuzz.

Pachirisu I think they could have fun with, and Kriketune.

Quilfish and Tauros also come to mind.


I always thought i would be cool if there were more eevee evolutions (strictly from a type perspective) or if you could further evolve the current evolutions into something else. Also I think it would be cool if Rapidash had another evolution, like into a pegasus looking creature with wings, that would be cool :) Maybe Spiritomb could evolve?

Shadow Lucario

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Farfetch'd is screaming for one.

Qwilfish could use one.

Pachirisu definitely needs one.

Stantler could have one, but I still wouldn't catch it


most things look more than fine to me with only one exception but that is rather called a pre-evolution, we still miss a babykhan gentlemen:(


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For me it has to be Qwilfish(Come on it sucks!) and Arbok (An evolution is just what it needs!
So what are your thoughts?

Arbok already has an evolution; Seviper, remember?


um. I need an evolution hxc.
I clearly see Rapidash having an evolution! Something like a flaming-flying unicorn Pokémon, would be awesome!

Tauros and Pinsir too! For Tauros I see a minotaur-like Pokémon and for Pinsir.... I dunno seriously, but an evolution would be cool ^^