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What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 4 playthroughs? Any good memories?


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I'm replaying Platinum right now and my current team is


I'm debating on switching Staraptor for Giratina. I normally don't use legendaries, but I might make an exception here since I'm currently grinding in preparation for the league. I haven't forgotten how tough Cynthia is.
That was my exact same team when I first played Platinum or any Pokémon game in general so good taste (even if it’s not that unique).

From experience, Staraptor does good for both offense and defense (Intimidate) and it helped me with Cynthia just as much as my Infernape


jaden767 said:
I always planned to replace Gyarados with either Floatzel or Gastrodon but never got around to it.

I once used an East Sea Tritodon (Gastrodon) in Pearl version, and I remember wondering if I should switch it with Gyarados since I thought it was stronger and faster. Ultimately however, I decided to use Floazel instead since I didn't like Gyarados's Intimidate Ability always activating whenever it gets sent out to battle.


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I once used an East Sea Tritodon (Gastrodon) in Pearl version, and I remember wondering if I should switch it with Gyarados since I thought it was stronger and faster. Ultimately however, I decided to use Floazel instead since I didn't like Gyarados's Intimidate Ability always activating whenever it gets sent out to battle.
I never used Gyrados in pearl because I try to only use new Pokémon.


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I beat Pokemon Diamond and my team was Empoleon, Luxray, Roserade, Rampardos, Rapidash and Weavile.

Luxray was my favorite Pokemon in this play through, he was the last Pokemon i used during the champions battle and managed to defeat Cynthia's Milotic who was the last Pokemon she used.

In Pokemon HeartGold my team was Typhlosion, Ampharos, Crobat, Heracross, Espeon and Cloyster.


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I posted about my Sinnoh team back in January but I forgot to share my Johto remakes team since that is also a part of Gen 4 so I guess I'll do it now.

I played Heart Gold and my team was:
- Feraligatr
- Fearow
- Gengar
- Heracross
- Arcanine
- Electrode

Now looking back at it this team was a very generic Johto team with just a bunch of very strong Pokemon with the only kinda unique choice being Electrode and thats why most of my memories from this playthrough are about this electric Pokeball.

I remeber that Electrode was very fun to use because of its speed and Charge Beam+Thunder combo but it was also useful for supporting the team by setting up Light Screens. Thunder would miss a lot but when it did hit it would very often leave the enemy Pokemon paralyzed so that kinda made it worth dealing with the misses. Also I remember that Electrode was probably my most useful Pokemon in the battle against Red because of its speed, Thunder paralysis and Light Screen support. Even though Electrode was the most memorable it was far from the strongest Pokemon in that playthrough as I remember sweeping through most trainers with Feraligatr, Gengar, Heracross and Arcanine. These four were very OP but Fearow and Electrode were strong too and they still had their moments where they were actually the ones that saved me from losing a battle despite being the two weakest Pokemon on the team.
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In Platinum, I've taken a long time thinking about my team. I ended up with Empoleon, Porygon-Z, Bronzong, Gabite (one level from evolving at the moment), Togekiss, and a Riolu I traded over because the one I hatched was calm nature.

Arceus finally blessed me with a Togepi that had both a good nature and serene grace. It held my exp. share until the level 40s because it just didn't have any good attacking moves.

Bronzong is also pretty hard to level. Its offensive stats are so low... I have mine holding a Zoom Lens because of how Hypnosis was nerfed in Platinum.


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I always had the same basic team of Infernape,Staraptor,Floatzel,Luxray,Lucario,and Garchomp.I think most people used similar teams.Sometiems I would swap Infernaoe for Torterra and Luxray for Weavile though.

Madison M

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Platinum, first time. It was my first Pokémon game, so of course I pretty much relied on my starter. I can't remember one member. The Farfetch'd was a post-game catch but I kept it on my team ever since because it's a shiny.
  • Infernape
  • Probopass
  • Giratina
  • Gardevoir
  • Weavile
  • Shiny Farfetch'd
Platinum, second time. This was earlier this year. One slot was constantly changing.
  • Empoleon
  • Giratina
  • Bibarel
  • Noctowl
  • Steelix, replaced with Rapidash
  • Can't remember the 6th, this is what constantly changed around. Actually, I think Steelix ended up being the last member when I entered the Hall of Fame.
SoulSilver, second time. I don't know what I used the first time.
  • Typhlosion
  • Lugia
  • Machoke
  • Shiny Gyarados
  • Golbat
  • Swinub, replaced with Ditto


c l a r i t y
I've had so many unfinished Sinnoh playthroughs that I've never had a team I can physically recall, but I often used a Grass/Fire/Water trio consisting of Infernape, Roserade and Quagsire. The latter, along with Gastrodon, are particularly really good to use in Sinnoh playthroughs, then again Water/Ground is a notably OP type combination in terms of its defensive prowess.

As for HG/SS, my initial Soul Silver team had Typhlosion, Vileplume, Golduck, Ampharos, Xatu and Piloswine. Not exactly the best team, given it was my first experience with Johto, and I never really bothered to grind up due to that annoying low level curve in Johto and Kanto.


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I did another Pearl playthrough a few months ago and it was a fun experience all around, this was my team:

- Torterra
- Machamp
- Honchkrow (traded over a Murkrow Egg from my Heart Gold since Murkrow is a Diamond exclusive)
- Magmortar (traded over a Magby Egg from HG since I didn't feel like using the Ponyta line)
- Girafarig
- Milotic


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Still playing but im at the elite 4. My final team is

Torterra: Ngl my friend who is like a year older then me who re-dragged me into pokemon. When she got BDSP she chose piplup but before that I chose turtwig since its very cool but is not crazy popular so after my friend told me she chose piplup it made me happy I chose turtwig

Luxray: Lord I overleveled the hell out of my luxray and it honestly defeated so many pokemon

Staraptor: Well this is one of the easiest pokemon to get early on and its speed is awesome plus it has close combat

Houndoom: Never was part of my original team plan but after watching purplerodri I wanted to use it and it helped me beat Giratina's OP ass

Vaporeon: This pokemon is awesome but with me having a water, grass, and electric type and the ice rock is to hard to get and I love how cute and awesome this Vaporeon is a dragon killer

Lucario: Who doesn't love Lucario with the whole movie and how amazing it is, this was a easy choice


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I started a Batman themed Platinum Nuzlocke. I named my Piplup Cobblepot, and Zubat was Nightwing, but I made the mistake of naming my Shinx Bruce, thinking it would grow to be my Dark Knight. Unfortunately Bruce got taken out way too early and I said "well crap, guess this becomes a Flashpoint run now."


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As far as I can remember, I had these pokemon:
- Torterra
- Infernape
- Staraptor
- Floatzel
- Gengar: I normally don't use preGen-pokemon, but I fondly remember this one with Thunderbolt and it got PokeRus.

I honestly can't remember the sixth member.. Honestly, it might've been a Steelix (I remember having a shiny one) or Dialga.

During later (read Platinum) runs I tended to use Gliscor a lot more.

I can't remember my SoulSilver-squad outside of Typhlosion and Ampharos at all. Probably included a Crobat. Maybe a Mamoswine - but I just don't know for sure anymore. Maybe I also had a Feraligatr on the team as well as I often swapped back and forth starters so I can have the entire set.. So in effect, I probably had something looking like:
- Typhlosion
- Feraligatr
- Crobat
- Ampharos
- Mamoswine