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What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 5 playthroughs? Any good memories?


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I played a ridiculous amount of Black and it was the first game where I learned about EVs, IVs, breeding for shinies (and RNG abuse which helped me get my Pokemon exactly as desired).

I ended up with more than a full team that I cycled for online battles (Random Matchup) and the Battle Subway by the end of the game. They included:

Politoed (I was so excited to make a rain team but ended up getting bored using exclusively it on Random Matchup online battles)

Lots of great Pokemon for the time. Can't say I was too creative with my choices or movesets, the most unique thing had to be my Focus Sash + Destiny Bond Gengar (not that creative but more than most).


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First White Team
- Emboar
- Seismitoad
- Unfezant (male)
- Leavanny
- Galvantula
- Braviary

First White 2 Team
- Emboar
- Swanna
- Lilligant
- Throh
- Stoutland
- Heatmor

First Black Team
- Serperior
- Accelgor
- Swanna
- Chandelure
- Krookodile
- Eelektross

First Black 2 Team
- Samurott
- Unfezant (female)
- Ferrothorn
- Chandelure
- Krookodile
- Garbodor


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Here's my team for Pokemon White
  • Emboar(male): At the point, I had never used a Fire type starter so I picked Tepig
  • Krookodile(male): I needed a Pokemon to deal with Electric's one weakness, and Sandile was an early pick. Intimidate was the ability I chose
  • Leavanny(male): Filled the Grass quota. I mainly chose it because it was an early Pokemon that proved effective still
  • Sigilyph(male): An odd Pokemon that I encountered in the desert. It fit the flyer quota, and proved to be pretty good
  • Jellicent(male): Seeing this Pokemon, I knew I wanted it. Specifically the male variant. Add Water Absorb and it was a bulky boi
  • Eelektross(female): I also knew I wanted this Pokemon since its Levitate made it have no weaknesses


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My inital teams for each set of games.

- Emboar: Favorite starter of the 3.
- Stoutland: I told myself I would catch the first Pokemon I encountered and it ended up being an Adamant Lillipup.
- Simisage: It gets given to you and was pretty decent. I don't know it was 8 years ago.
- Krookodile: Freaking cool Pokemon and stupidly strong.
- Reuniclus: I liked the design when it was first revealed and wanted one.
- Vanniluxe: Sue me I like the Ice Cream Pokemon.

White 2
- Samurott: I wanted to use a different "first" starter and I am not a big fan of Serperior.
- Lucario: Everyone likes Lucario and getting to use one from the beginning is awesome.
- Electivire: Very versatile Pokemon you can get early on as well.
- Braviary: I liked the design but did not like how late you got it in B/W. So of course I seized the opportunity since you catch this monster after only 3 badges.
- Seviper: I wanted to use something I had never used before and it seemed like something no else would use. Ended up being surprisingly decent.
- Camerupt: I like having Ground types on my teams and having a Fire type as well was just a bonus. Plus I had never used it prior to this play through.
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Here's my team for Black. Except for the genderless, they ended up as male
  • Samurott: My natural instinct is to use the Water starter. Samurott did not disappoint thanks to its stronk powers and Fighting/Bug moves serving as coverage
  • Durant: While a late game choice, Durant's speed and power proved a deadly combination and it was a lot stronger than I thought the ant would be
  • Sawk: I got this Fighting type early on, and more or less kept it
  • Emolga: This was an in-game trade. Electric/Flying was one of my favorite typings
  • Golurk: Served as the flier, and a power house thanks to Iron Fist
  • Cryogonal: Fit the speedster and Dragon-busting profile, special user


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In Black my team was:

Actually I have more fond memories of the prerelease. I was gobbling up those Pokéjungle rumors like candy.


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Here are my teams for the sequel games

White 2
  • Serperior(male) Mainly because it was the one Unova starter I hadn't used yet
  • Hydreigon(female): Because of the pre-evolution haircut, I named her Beatles after The Beatles. Late-game, thanks to Hustle and an accuracy-boosting item it made up for taking forever to evolve. So did the beast that was its final form
  • Chandelure(male): Because this is a generally great Pokemon
  • Magnezone: The Sturdy ability finally becomes useful
  • Walrein(female): Thick Fat was a useful ability, I needed a surfer and something to deal with Dragons
  • Reuiniclus(male): I needed a Psychic type
Black 2
  • Emboar(female): My preferred starter of the three
  • Omastar(male): I decided to use the Dream World, allowing me to use a Pokemon I have never had the opportunity to use but always wanted. I've liked it long before the Lord Helix meme
  • Ferrothorn(male): The ability of Iron Barbs combined with Rocky Helmet is amazing
  • Drifblim(female): A flyer and anti-Psychic type
  • Drapion and Galvantua: Just wanted it


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For BW1 again, this was my second Pokemon team and I planned this a bit more out for competitive purposes later but unfortunately I just ran into Pokemon I just had to catch and get on my team.

Serperior - Very great defensively, not so much offensively since this is Starter Serperior, not Gift Serperior.
Carracosta - He's one mean aqua jet machine. His shell smash is awesome with sturdy.
Chandelure - Chandelure has devastating firepower. I was really conflicted on whether to wait for a Chandelure with Infiltrator later or get the one available in BW1 immediately that has Flash Fire.
Golurk - It's a giant robot that can FLY. Must I say more!? On another note, Golurk really should get some kind of "Rocket Fist" move in the future. He's a freaking robot THAT CAN FLY!
Braviary - He's a badass eagle with retaliate. Funny thing is I still have the Gen 5/6-exclusive mode, Retaliate, in Gen 7. Catches a lot of player's off-guard in multiplayer.
Hydreigon - Not gonna lie. This one took a long time to evolve and it happened during post-game but it was worth it, battling high level trainers on the other side of Unova and battling Alder for the first time. You know, it makes me wonder if much of Unova's Pokemon with there high evolution levels were meant for Unova's Second Pokemon League where you battle Champion Alder.

If your aware of how BW2's adventure unfolds you probably noticed that a lot of these Pokemon you get very late and your correct. I hadn't planned that part out very well lol and ended up using my Snivy for the first three Gyms alone until I got the Carracosta's fossil. One Pokemon that definitely did not aged well is Hydreigon after Gen 5. Those Fairy-types really hit Hydreigon hard, like it's practically necessary for Hydreigon to have choice scarf in many cases.


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Black 1 team:

  • Emboar (Male)
  • Unfezant (Female)
  • Simisage (Male)
  • Mienshao (Male)
  • Jellicent (Male)
  • Haxorus (Male)
Black 2 team:

  • Emboar (Male)
  • Leavanny (Female)
  • Jellicent (Male)
  • Unfezant (Female)
  • Lucario (Female)
  • Magnezone (Genderless, but I like to think of it as male)
Three of the ‘mons in my B2 team are the same as my B1 team, including the starter, because I wanted my character in B2 to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps. Many memories of going around the stadiums in Nimbasa City come to mind, but when he was a Tepig, my Emboar in B2 defeated Cheren and Roxie’s teams almost single-handedly (I tried to train my Lucario, then a Riolu, in the former, but Lillipup knocked her out with one Tackle, and I think I used Magnezone as a backup in the latter).


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My main Gen 5 teams:


This team is in a weird place for me...I really like all of the Pokemon on it (and Chandelure is my favourite Unova Pokemon), but it's definitely my least memorable team. I think I just couldn't get super attached to this team because I didn't put as much thought & effort into planning it as I usually do (I remember making this team very last minute, quickly breeding the last three in Gen 4 before transferring them to my Japanese Black, where I bred the first three) and I didn't play White as much as other games.

White 2:

On the other hand, I LOVE this team and consider it one of my best ever! Using this team was a great experience because I really like all six of these Pokemon, I liked the movesets I chose for them, and I just thought the team worked well together going through the main story.

Gyarados was a very memorable team member - I used it to get the "One and Only" medal, where you have to beat the Elite Four with just one Pokemon.


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I've done so many playthroughs of these games it's really hard to remember all the teams I used. My most memorable run of Gen 5 in recent time has been a randomized black nuzlocke run in which the final team was Krookodile, Typhlosion, Togetic, Cloyster, Stoutland, and Zoroark. Had a lot of deaths that run but it was a lot of fun.

And then I'm doing a run of Black 2 at the moment with a friend that's a randomized soullinklocke which essentially means if one of our mons dies in our game they have a counterpart that dies in the other game. We haven't played a ton but my current team is Sableye, Giratina, Armaldo, Aerodactly, Ursaring, and Gothita, and that has also been a lot of fun.

But if we're talking more normal runs, the most recent one I can remember is an incomplete run of White 2 that had Emboar, Crobat, and a few others. I need to pick it back up and finish it soon.


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For my first playthrough of BW2, this was one of my favorite Pokemon teams to this day.

Samurott - The starter I chose is Oshawott and it eventually evolved into a Samurott. I don't know if you guys realize but Samurott has this really cool animation where if you use Razor Shell, it pulls out a sword.

Volcarona - So unlike the rest of the other Pokemon here, I got transferred Volcaron as a Larvesta from the original BW1 and let me tell you this. Oh man it is so hard to train Larvesta. It's best offenses are physical but it doesn't have much to support those physical offenses, it's traded meaning it won't obey my commands if I don't have the right badges and it is just one of the frailest Pokemon I have ever seen right up there with Wimpod or Feebas. I have never a frail Pokemon like this in a long time however the reward for evolving it are worth it but this took a long while to evolve as in I recall evolving Larvesta to Volcarona somewhere near the newer routes to the Pokemon League. That's how long it takes to evolve it.

Zoroark - So I got this as a gift Pokemon as Zorua from Rood, one of the former Sages. What's cool about this is that this Zorua is N's Zorua and has very good IVs. I like using it in online multiplayer a lot and for the most part, almost everyone I meet never sees Zoroark coming and even if they do, thanks to focus sash I can either get the drop on them or set up a Nasty Plot.

Ferrothorn - So I like it's animation as Ferroseed from the original black & white where it spins like a top. You don't see this in the 3D generations but you see this in Gen 5 and it's so cool. This was a Pokemon I always planned on getting because I heard it was really good and it was worth it.

Galvantula - The fastest Pokemon on my team this thing hits hard with Thunder+Compound Eyes. Sure it's offenses are average but the Thunder+Compound along with Spider Webs makes up for it. Freaking love Galvantula's design and playstyle.

Bouffalant - Now I freaking love Bouffalant with Assault Vest. It hits hard and with Assault Vest, this thing is pretty freaking tanky. It's like Tauros's tanky cousin since Tauros is more focus on speed than defenses. Also I just love how it's long horns stick out from it's afro.


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My first one (back in 2012)

My second one (last week)

My planned next one (on White 2)
One slot open: maybe Seismitoad

might remove some for older gen ones, not sure. I want to be surprised by who's in the game.
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The team on my first playthrough of Black was:

Sixth slot for a HM slave

In the postgame the team became just Excadrill and HM slave.

I still have the Excadrill, Victini as well as the shiny legendary beasts used for the Zoroark event. I may still have the others, except Archeops (I traded that one), in my mess
of a Pokebank.

I'm currently playing Pokemon Black again and I'm about to go into Dragonspiral Tower and my team is:


Cramorant is too cute for words!
My first team in each game
Serperior F (Squeck)
Unfezant M (Merak)
Seismitoad M (Valentino)
Galvantula M (Tulo)
Krookodile F (Eny)
Chandelure M (Heat)
White 2
Samurott M (Fevrio)
Unfezant F (Jhelling)
Escavalier M (Artoer)
Darmanitan F (Karmila)
Krookodile M (Riyanto)
Eelektross F (Naga)


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Black: Samurott, Krookodile, Maractus, Unfezant, Cofagrigus and Gothitelle.

White: Serperior, Liepard, Braviary, Haxorus, Seismitoad and Chandelure.

Black 2: Samurott, Lucario, Glaceon, Crustle, Mandibuzz and Reuniclus.

White 2: Emboar, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Carracosta, Sawsbuck and Galvantula.