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What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 7 playthroughs? Any good memories?

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by shoz999, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Master of Disguise!

    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 7 playthroughs throughout the region of Alola? Any great memories of the Pokemon that you've trained throughout the journey? Any Pokemon that in particular stood out?

    Sun, alongside with his team of Pokemon, is absolutely shocked that a seemingly nice girl like Moon loves and adores poison-types.

    Come to think of it... there are a lot of good poison types and toxic stallers during this generation weren't there?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  2. Ignition

    Ignition Couldn't care less even if I tried

    I have 4 teams:

    Sun (main Alolan team/favorite):
    -Litten/Torracat/Incineroar: favorite Alolan starter by far. I was fan of professional wrestling as a kid, I love cats, and Fire is my favorite Type: it was a match made in heaven. Its in game model made it look eager to fight. I was disappointed with it low Speed but I got used to it as all of it other stats were great. I think the moveset was Flare Blitz/Darkest Lariat/Cross Chop/Outrage. Was my "team leader" and fought against most of the important battles and was used to finish off important NPC's aces like Hau's Decidueye and Gladion's Silvally.

    -Pikipek/Trumbeak/Toucannon: I'm a person who looks at leaks as I'm intrigued about movesets, stats, and, most importantly, unseen Pokémon. Trumbeak was decent and is possibly my favorite middle stage regional bird. But Toucannon had me in love. I loved how pissed off it looked & that it wasn't flying (the flying 3D models of most Pokémon are hit & miss for me). I've always caught the regional bird, so I was waiting to capture one ASAP. The fact that it got Rock Smash and Brick Break reminded me of Staraptor. It evolved at Hala's Grand Trial and made it an easy win. Then it evolved again right after the Electric Trial but before facing Guzma so it was nice to Beak Blast his Golsiopod and Ariados. Its final moveset was Beak Blast/Brick Break/Flame Charge/Return. My highlight was watching Kahili's go against mine.

    -Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt: I'm not one of those people who got swoon over by the aforementioned evolution line during the hype. I like Grubbin and Vikavolt, and love Charjabug, but they never stood out to me as something that I'd use. Come release day and I'm unsure about what Electric Type I'd use. I dislike Oricorio, Togedemaru and Alolem were far away, and I somehow forgot about Alola Raichu. So I was walking through the grass and encountered a Grubbin. Instantly remembered that it evolved into a Electric Type so I caught it. I was sort of worried about how I'd fight Totem Wishiwashi but then Grubbin evolved. Charjabug made my day. I love the cry and its moveset/stats which was unusual for my playstyle. I didn't know when it evolved but I didn't care because I preferred Charjabug to Vikavolt. Vikavolt was a little too slow for my taste but the firepower behind it had me settled. Final moveset was Thunderbolt/Bug Buzz/Energy Ball/Flash Cannon or Agility.

    Mareanie/Toxapex: After completing the Water Trial I realized my entire team was weak to Rock, my next Trial and Grand Trial were Fire and Rock respectively, and I still needed a Water Type. I looked online and was mostly in a "meh" state with these Pokémon. I initially wanted Wishiwashi during prerelease hype but the gimmick wasn't as cool as I thought it was. I saw that there was a "hidden Pokémon" catchable back on Melemele so I went back & kept fishing for Corsola. Then the bittersweet S.O.S took forever. Then, after 47 encounters, Mareanie appeared. I liked the colors and dual typing so I instantly caught it. Its Merciless ability was fun to mess with. It helped with Totem Salazzle and, with the Eviolite, swept Olivia. Then, at Po Town, it evolved into a Toxapex. This thing was so bully and I loved it. It took super effective hits like it was nothing. Final moveset ended up as Liquidation/Poison Jab/Toxic/Infestation.

    Bounsweet/Steenee/Tsareena: After completing the Grass Trial, I wanted to get a Grass Type. I wasn't a fan of Rowlet or Lurantis so I went with Bounsweet. Caught the the thing and evolved it instantly since it had a pitiful damage output. Then Steenee was decent with Stomp and Razor Leaf. Then it evolved after some battles before the second Grand Trial. Smacked up Olivia's Lycanroc and Hau's team. Liked how it was so dismissive of anything below it. Its final move set was Trop Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Acrobatics, and U turn.

    Jangmo-o/Hakamo-o/Kommo-o: I was arriving on Poni and I didn't know who'd be my final team member. I usually use the same 6 Types in my team: Fire/Water/Grass/Electric/Flying/Dragon. Then the Jangmo-o encounter happened and I caught it. I went back to train him up against the Trial Captains. By then it was a Hakamo-o. I somehow got it to beat Totem Kommo-o. Then it evolved again against Mother Beast. Its moveset was the most flexible of my team except maybe Incineroar. Final moveset was Clanging Scales, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, and Poison Jab.

    Overall loved this team. It was a slow start but they picked up the pace. Had fun with this more than any other gen 7 team.
    I'll give the other 3 later
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  3. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon We are the Swarm

    I have particularly fond memories of using a Palossand in Sun. Me and an irl friend were following all the Pokémon reveals up to SM’s release, and I remember the day when we both laid our eyes upon Palossand. She wore a puzzled look of disgust, and at that moment I knew I had to use one. It proved to be extremely fun.

    In Ultra Sun, I used a shiny Grubbin I had found in Ultra Moon whilst trying to complete my Alola dex. I love bug types so I liked having a pretty decent early game bug again, especially one with such a gorgeous shiny in all 3 forms.
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