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What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 7 playthroughs? Any good memories?

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by shoz999, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Pokemon Moon Team
    • Incineroar(male): You bet I wanted to take this cool guy, at last I could have a Fire/Dark type and Litten is adorable
    • Crobat(male): A Pokemon I've wanted to get around to using. Since Fairy types add something to make Poison worthwhile and Leech Life is no longer abysmal, this was the time to do it
    • Bewear(female): I was kind of just going around when I found a rare encounter-a Stufful with Fluffy! Also known as one of the best abilities in the game. So I took it immediately
    • Mudsdale(female): Another great ability in Stamina. And I need Ground types to deal with Electric type Pokemon
    • Mimikyu(male): C'mon, it's possibly the most popular Gen VII Pokemon with an awesome ability. Swords Dance+Disguise=destroyer of worlds
    • Dhelmise: I don't usually have two Pokemon of the same type. But hey, they don't share a weakness besides themselves. And Dhelmise has practically three types with Steelworker
    Pokemon Ultra Sun Team
    • Primarina(female): Talk about luck! I didn't need to soft reset for female mermaid.
    • Vikavolt(male): Initially Grubbin was just a filler choice. But Charjabug+Eviolite proved an effective combination and the evolved Vikavolt was a powerful railgun
    • Salazzle: This was one of those Pokemon I saw and wanted to get as soon as I could. At last, I got a niche. It was essential in defeating Ultra Necrozma, destroyer of Nuzlockes
    • Scrafty(male): Zoroark was a bit too bland, and Scrafty's typing did physical devestation
    • Abomasnow(female): I wanted to see if there was an Ultra Wormhole Pokemon I'd like using, and I needed something with a bit more firepower than Tsareena. Would you have it, Abomasnow was shiny! Despite being destroyed by fire, it's bulk has made it useful
    • Nebby: Nebby the Solgaleo was chosen because of general story power and how lovable Nebby was
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  2. zolios

    zolios Member

    Pokemon Sun Team:

    - Decidueye
    - Toucannon (Shiny)
    - Lycanroc-Midday
    - Salazzle
    - Starmie
    - Kommo-o

    Best memory was finding a random shiny Pikipek behind those big rocks on Route 1 right after I got the Tauros ride. This was my first time finding a shiny this early on in the game so I decided to use it on my team even though I didn't plan on using a Pikipek line on my team originally. Toucannon turned out to be a lot more fun to use than I expected because of it's unique move Beak Blast and a Sill Link boosted Bullet Seed and Fury Attack.
    This was also the first game where I was able to complete the Pokedex and get the Shiny Charm so that was very cool as well.

    Pokemon Ultra Sun Team:

    - Incineroar
    - Electivire
    - Palossand
    - Alolan Ninetales
    - Skarmory
    - Araquanid (replaced by Water Memory Silvally in the post-game)

    Best memory was when my Skarmory single-handedly defeated Ultra Necrozma on the first try with Toxic+Sturdy, a couple of Night Slashes and a couple of dodges thanks to affection. It was also interesting to finally use a trade evolution Pokemon for the first time, Electivire was super strong and fun to use.
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  3. FlashFire926

    FlashFire926 Member

    Pokemon Moon Team:
    - Primarina
    - Mudsdale
    - Kommo-o
    - Salazzle
    - Ribombee
    - Lycanroc Midnight

    Pokemon Ultra Moon team:
    - Decidueye
    - Lycanroc Dusk
    - Araquanid
    - Golisopod
    - Oricorio Sensu form
    - Minior
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  4. Ignition

    Ignition Obliterated a god with the power of friendship

    Curious: did you prefer Midnight or Dusk Lycanroc
  5. FlashFire926

    FlashFire926 Member

    Dusk is my favourite lycanroc of the three. Just like the coloring of it's body and eyes, and the fact that it has the midnight style of fur.

    However, I like all three designs.

    edit: plus, dusk's version of Splintered Stormshards is my favourite too.
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  6. Miar

    Miar I got one right!

    Won't bore you with the nicknames, but here were my end teams and thoughts after maybe too many times through Sun/UM

    Primarina, Shiinotic, Bewear, Togedemaru, Mimikyu, Turtonator
    Didn't even notice they were ALL new until the fifth one. Hatched the last two for moves otherwise lost (WHY is the relearner at the summit??)

    Wigglytuff, Kangaskhan, Goodra, Salazzle, Lapras, Kommo-o
    Good ol' Lapras and 'Khan never disappoint in any gen. Salazzle, however... I feel like it would've been stronger in XY, is all. (It's kinda creepy anyway)

    Meganium, Espeon, Umbreon, Dragonite, Flygon, Drampa
    One dragon, then two, then three, why not? Also the Eevees were part of an ongoing thing I did in my last X run.
    Also, I diss Chikorita all the time, but it actually turned out pretty good outside of Johto

    Decidueye, Zoroark, Noivern, Mantine, Manectric, Alolan Sandslash* (Shiny)
    First time in Ultra (Moon). Deliberately avoided things I could find in Sun. Coincidentally, the Shiny still fell under that.
    Thought I could cheese "That" with Resistances, Toxic, and max affection and still had to reset.
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  7. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    On Sun I used for the trainer Steve:

    Incineroar @ Incinium Z
    Cross Chop / Darkest Lariat / Leech Life / Fire Fang​
    Kommo-o @ Brightpowder
    Clanging Scales / Flamethrower / Sky Uppercut / X-Scissor​
    Alolan Ninetales @ Fairium Z
    Ice Beam / Dazzling Gleam / Extrasensory / Dark Pulse​
    Garchomp @ Garchompite
    Fire Blast / Earthquake / Dragon Claw / Poison Jab ​
    Ash-Greninja @ Icium Z
    Ice Beam / Night Slash / Aerial Ace / Water Shuriken​
    Solgaleo @ Steelium Z
    Sunsteel Strike / Flamethrower / Crunch / Zen Headbutt ​

    For Ultra Sun I used for the trainer Mattison:

    Decidueye @ Decidium Z
    Brave Bird / Leaf Blade / Spirit Shackle / Steel Wing ​
    Alolan Marowak @ Firium Z
    Earthquake / Ice Beam / Shadow Bone / Fire Punch​
    Dusk Lycanroc @ Lycanium Z
    Stone Edge / Rock Climb / Crunch / Fire Fang​
    Ribombee @ Buginium Z
    Psychic / Energy Ball / Bug Buzz / Dazzling Gleam​
    Buzzwole @ Bright Powder
    Superpower / Leech Life / Rock Slide / Thunder Punch​
    Altaria @ Altarianite
    Earthquake / Moonblast / Flamethrower / Dragon Pulse​
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  8. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Here's the team for my second play through of the original Sun & Moon games

    Primarina - Primarina is sometimes looked down upon by casual fans but ironically Primarina is actually considered by many competitive players as the strongest of the Alolan starters during the original SM meta. Even after Incineroar got a massive game-changing buff through Intimidate, there are fans that still debate that Primarina is better than Incineroar and it's not hard to see why some think that. Primarina's special attack and special defenses are really really good and is actually something pretty rare to see in a starter Pokemon and these are paired with a really great typing and movepool. If you guys haven't tried out Primarina, you won't regret it if you do it now. Primarina is a very rewarding Pokemon and has won me so many battles.

    Toucannon - I freaking love Toucannon, it's basically a giant Toucan but I still freaking love it. My only problem is that I think they should made this bird tankier because his great signature move, Beak Blast, has it's limitations with Toucannon's stats. Or at the very least faster. His multi-hit moves are quite devastating paired with his skill link ability.

    Bewear - Bewear is pretty freaking tanky, has won me so many battles and has a very strong attack. Only problem is fire-type moves, Bewear can't handle that kind of stuff but man is he fun to use.

    Togedemaru - I like Togedemaru. His lightingrod ability is useful, I like his moves such as Spiky Shield, Twineedle & Zing-Zap. He is just fun to switch-in and switch-out when an electric Pokemon comes out.

    Minior - I like this Pokemon a lot but Minior is quite frankly hard to train due to the ability. I mean he hasn't been this hard to train since Hydreigon but oh man, Minior is a very rewarding Pokemon in the end.

    Alolan Sandslash - Alolan Sandslash is just so fun to use once you get hail up and running. Seriously, this Pokemon hits hard, he's a slayer of Dragon and Fairy's. Personally I think he is just one of the best ice-type Pokemon to come recently along with Alolan Ninetails.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  9. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    My final team in Sun version was Gaogaen (Incineroar), Nagetukesaru (Passimian), Lalantes (Lurantis), Kiteruguma (Bewear), Silvady (Silvally), and Jijilong (Drampa). Sun was the first game where I didn't have a Flying-type or Water-type on my team.
  10. NobleJanobii

    NobleJanobii The Maddest Shaymim

    For Moon I ran a mono-dark type team which consisted of Incineroar, Alolan Muk, Alolan Persian, Umbreon, Alolan Raticate, and Mandibuzz.

    For Sun I went a bit more balanced and ran Primeria, Salazzle, Mimikyu, Zygarde 10%, Lurantis, and Lycanroc Midday.

    My current UltraSun run is a nuzlocke, so my party has changed a lot for it, but right now it's Decidueye, Magnezone, Mawile, Nidoking, Lycanroc Dusk, and Naganadel.
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  11. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    This last Generation, Ultra Sun is the game I play with.

    - Decidueye
    - Vikavolt
    - Oranguru
    - Passimian
    - Whiscash
    - Comfey

    With the exception of Whiscash (not to be confused with Wishiwashi), I used a very "grassy" looking team throughout the whole adventure.
    Yeah... 5/6 of this team, precisely, uses Grass-type moves, even though only one of them (Decidueye) belongs to the Grass-type. It sounds pretty much like a guessing game, but I've had a lot of fun with this team.
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  12. Lord Godwin

    Lord Godwin The Lord of Darkness

    1. Decidueye
    2. Lycanroc (Dusk)
    3. Ribombee
    4. Alolan Muk (added to Team after beating Hala)
    5. Ash-Greninja (added to Team after beating Olivia)
    6. Alolan Sandslash (added to Team after beating Nanu)

    I remember my first Elite 4 and Kukui fight:
    Ribombee used the Fairy-Z move against Hala's Crabominable
    Sandslash used the Steel-Z move against Olivia's Lycanroc (my own Lycanroc was not used in the battle as I hate using the same Pokemon as my foe)
    Muk used the Dark-Z move against Accerolla's Pallosand
    Lycanroc used the Rock-Z move against Kahili's Toucannon

    Against Kukui which I started with Greninja who beat Lycanroc, rest of the fights were mostly 1:1 untill Snorlax beat like 3 of my Pokemon to eventually lose to Decidueye which tried his best against Incineroar but got beaten and Greninja finished the tiger with Hydro Vortex.

    I really liked the battle itself. I also remember using the same amount of Pokemon in battles as against Kahunas and Elite 4 (3vs3, 4vs4 and 5v5). I later beat the League with 2 more Teams (both following the same number of Pokemon rule):
    1. All Tapus+Lunala+Zygarde
    2. Ultra Beast Team+Necrozma
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
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  13. Commander L. Halsti

    Commander L. Halsti Toxin Squad Cmdr.

    First team after getting a hard copy of Pokemon Moon several weeks ago.

    Incineroar, Alolan Raichu, Shiinotic, Toxapex, Palossand, Aerodactyl.

    Shiinotic was overall the MVP with defensive ability. It stalled and rendered harmless the toughest opponents.

    It'll be tough to have to delete this save to eventually start a new one with other Pokemon I'd like to try.
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  14. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Well-Known Member

    If you have the Nintendo eShop you could download PokeBank and put your team in there, it'll keep them safe from a deletion.

    For me, the first team I used when I was first trying out Moon was Incineroar, Oranguru, Wishiwashi, Lurantis, Jolteon and Mudsdale. For my most recent playthrough I used Decidueye, Mudsdale, Alolan Raichu, Golisopod, Skarmory and Salazzle. Overall I like the latter team more than the former, while some of the type combinations cause a few problems against the Elite Four, generally it's a team that worked.
    For Ultra Sun I used a similar team to my first Moon playthrough, keeping Incineroar, Wishiwashi and Lurantis but adding Magnezone, Alolan Ninetales and Passimian. Again a solid team that got me through most of the game pretty smoothly, with Passimian being the only real weak link.

    Both teams are now sitting in PokeBank and waiting to see who will make it to the Galar Region and which won't.
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  15. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    My Moon Team had a few good moments... mostly in Alolan Sandslash two shotting totem boosted Clefable... and most of my team handling Mother Beast Lusamine like the wasted potential she was. (Dealing the final blow with a Kangaskhan is irony.)

    UM, my breded Clefable and Bisharp taking down Necrozma and Naganadel showing to me what it can do as a pokemon. (Also Gyarados I caught for the ride was pleasant while I used it.)

    Ultra Sun however... where I did a mono type challenge of fairy.

    Primarina was my MVP through and through, (Now it is tied to Incineroar as my pick for Alolan Starter.) Ribombee's paralysis did wonders on ultra Necrozma. Mimikyu's bean effect did wonders on Necrozma.

    My Mawile being an excellent support throughout that adventure and generally, giving me a new respect for Fairy type pokemon. (As well as Mr. Mime being handy when he can.) Only my Florges underperformed during the main story (Way too long for it to learn anything good.) and it took until the RR Post game for it to shine.
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  16. wolf jani

    wolf jani #ScorbunnySquad

    Played Sun, Moon & Ultra moon
    My sun Team
    Lycanroc- midday
    My moon team
    Shiny Salazzle
    My UM team
    Alolan Raichu
    Alolan Persian
    Alolan Dugtrio
    Alolan Marowak
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  17. Commander L. Halsti

    Commander L. Halsti Toxin Squad Cmdr.

    Ultra Moon team, on the first run:

    Primarina, Vikavolt, Mudsdale, Alolan Sandslash, Naganadel, Dhelmise.

    Mudsdale's Stamina is truly incredible- but special attacks are still a problem. Having a Dark type would have been helpful, but this was a blind run.
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  18. Umbright

    Umbright Pokemon Master

    My team for Sun in my second run was so fun and memorable!

    Typhlosion (My first Pokémon ever)
    Ninetales (alolan form of course, the spoiled one in the team hahah)
    Metagross (later mega metagross which is one my favorite Megas)
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  19. PokeMon2.0

    PokeMon2.0 Cramorant is too cute for words!

    A few months ago beat Ultra Sun with (* for transferred pokemon)
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  20. OriginalScream

    OriginalScream Active Member

    Let's see...

    Moon (blind): Decidueye, Vikavolt, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, Golisopod, Oranguru

    Sun (relatively blind): Primarina, Toucannon, Midday Lycanroc, Salazzle, Passimian, Mimikyu

    Ultra Moon: Decidueye, Vikavolt, Dusk Lycanroc, Bewear, Golisopod, Oranguru (thought I'd see if my old team would work in the new game, and wanted to see how viable Dusk Lycanroc was. Very, it turns out.)

    Ultra Sun: Incineroar, Toucannon, Dusk Lycanroc, Alolan Raichu, Tsareena, Alolan Ninetales (I saw the artwork for Team Rainbow Rocket (https://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/6e/Ultra_Sun_Ultra_Moon_Team_Rainbow_Rocket.png) and wondered if I could get to that point with that as my in-game team. I made it and beat it.)
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