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What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 7 playthroughs? Any good memories?

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by shoz999, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Paul1985

    Paul1985 Ana de Armas fan

    Sun: Primarina, Lycanroc, Vikavolt, Baile Style Oricorio, Garchomp and Palossand.

    Moon: Decidueye, Araquanid, Salazzle, Alolan Raichu, Mudsdale and Kommo-o.

    Ultra Sun: Primarina, Salazzle, Silvally, Alolan Ninetales, Dhelmise and Mudsdale.

    Ultra Moon: Decidueye, Dusk Lycanroc, Garchomp, Vikavolt, Toxapex and Houndoom.
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  2. TwilightBlade

    TwilightBlade Well-Known Member

    I used Decidueye, Primarina, Incineroar, Vikavolt, Passimian and Lycanroc in Ultra Moon and Crabominable, Lycanroc, Lurantis, Drampa, Salazzle and Dhelmise in Ultra Sun.
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  3. Baggie_Saiyan

    Baggie_Saiyan Well-Known Member

    Deciduye in Moon, however in UM used Primarina and fell in love to the point she over took Decid as my fav starter, she was amazingly reliable in game she defeated Ultra Necrozma!!

    Rest of the Moon team IIRC Toucanon, absolutely loved him and a cool signature move! Alolan Ninetales another gorgeous Pokemon had to get it traded over IIRC was Sun exclusive. Kommo-O just had an amazing design. Lycanroc was good early game but towards the end pettered I think I may have even replaced him!

    Unrelated, after I finish Shield I plan to take a few months off Pokemon but will play through Sun felt like an age since I played these!
  4. Commander L. Halsti

    Commander L. Halsti Toxin Squad Cmdr.

    Second Ultra Moon team:

    Magnezone, Araquanid, Salazzle, Komala, Mimkyu, Kommo'o.

    As I had suspected, Araquanid and Mimikyu are exceptionally strong Pokemon.
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  5. Mysteryguy

    Mysteryguy Rainbow Trainer

    My Moon team was:
    -Sandslash (Alolan)

    *Replaced the Slowbro I initially had
    **Replaced the Incineroar I initially had
    I made these changes basically because I was annoyed by all my slow Pokemon. With Starmie and Salazzle I kicked way more *** than with the other two.

    My Ultra Sun team was:
    -Raichu (Alolan)

    *Replaced the Lanturn I initially had, together with Raichu basically
    **Replaced the Lycanroc (Midday) I initially had.

    They mostly wrecked. I was not a fan of Magmortar in the end, but I had never used it or Electivire before so I wanted to try once.
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  6. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    My second most recent game on SM, the original before USUM, would be...

    Alolan Golem

    I think that some of you can tell that there appears to be a theme going with this team in that it tries to use the Pokemon's slow speed as an advantage. I'm talking about Tailwind and Trickroom. Drampa and Alolan Golem had full speed investment to make use of that surprise Tailwind attack and it is fun surprising the opponent and then you have Trick Room for Shiinotic, Vikavolt and Incineroar and Shiinotic especially is pretty dangerous with Strength Sap and Spore although due to the recent changes in USUM and SWSH, Strength Sap is no longer Shiinotic's signature move but I still love the zombie fairy mushroom guy. Outside of competitive use Shiinotic is pretty useful in the campaign due to access of spore and giga drain. Oranguru hits hard but may have to change his moves in the next games. Incineroar is perhaps by far the strongest. Unlike the last two playthroughs, this Incineroar has its hidden ability, Intimidate, granting it some decent bulk against physical hitters and can dish out some harmful attacks. Vikavolt strikes hard, boasting a massive special attack and the same goes with Alolan Golem and Drampa lol. I love Drampa's Berserk ability under tailwind. Hits like a truck.
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  7. juiccbox

    juiccbox Idiot Extraordinaire

    One of the teams I have the most find memories with was actually my sun team, mainly because I tried a lot of Pokémon I never used before and learned a lot from it

    Sun team
    Cory the Decidueye
    Pikaboo the Mimikyu
    Courage the Golisopod (because of this team golisopod is my favorite bug type)
    Colress the Magnezone
    Stitch the Raichu
    Calamari the Slowbro

    Ultra Sun team (liked this team but not as much as Sun’s, but still had fun with em)
    Eddy the Primarina
    RICHARD II the Bewear (name context: I had a crobat named Richard on my team for awhile that was replaced with this one. he is his successor)
    Sriracha the Salazzle
    Lil Dude the Mimikyu
    Reptar the Tyranitar
    Peanut the Raichu
  8. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    Team i used on first Moon playthrough was

    Alolan Raticate
    Midnight Lycanroc

    Three things i remember sticking out about this team.

    1. I never used Raticate before and i quite enjoyed using her Alolan form.
    2. Midnight Lycanroc was a last minute choice on Poni Canyon because i couldn't think of anything else as my 6th member
    3. Bewear destroys Everything
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  9. Rock Captain 99

    Rock Captain 99 Following the dreams!!

    My first Moon playthrough team is:

    Decidueye (L-61): Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, Brave Bird

    Vikavolt (L-59): Thunderbolt, Acrobatics, Dig, X-Scissor

    Ribombee (L-59): Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Toxic, Pollen Puff

    Mudsdale (L-59): High Horsepower, Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Heavy Slam

    Muk(A) (L-59): Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Gunk Shot, Crunch

    Crabominable (L-57): Crab Hammer, Brick Break, Close Combat, Ice Punch

    The team was pretty good throughout the game, though I didn't like how late Charjabug and Crabrawler evolved. Charjabug could get a pass since it isn't in the base stage and evolves before final trial. Plus Vikavolt is actually a good pokemon. I can't say the same for Crabominable though. It isn't that good what I thought it to be.

    Mudsdale is just amazing. It can take many hits because of it's ability and has powerful attack to make sure it comes out on top when needed. Only drawback is it is very slow.

    Muk is very helpful throughout the game. It has got good type combination. I enjoyed using it.

    Ribombee was a surprise. I didn't thought it would be able to keep up with other pokemon as the level goes up. But it proved me wrong and was able to hold it's own in every battle it was in. Plus it has got speed which most most pokemon in Alola lack. I used that to my advantage whenever I had the need to attack fist.

    I had mixed views towards decidueye. It had good attack and made sure to defeat it's opponent with one or two attacks, but it also wasn't able to take much hits from the opponent mostly. Still, it did it's job pretty decently in leading the team.
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