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What Pokemon Type You Are

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Mew Supporter!, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Mew Supporter!

    Mew Supporter! Thunder Trainer

    The episode "Fortune Hunters" in which James thought he was a "Moltres type" because of the book thing.This is the real book.

    January 1st
    You are a Pikachu Type.
    You are a Tyrogue Type.
    You are a Rukario type.
    You are a Duskall type.
    You are a Koffing type.
    You are a Magikarp type. (James!)
    You are a Meowth type.
    You are a Squirtle type.
    You are an Armaldo type.
    You are an Unown type.
    You are a Mr.Mime type.
    You are an Eevee type.
    You are a Venonat type.
    You are a Marshtomp type.
    You are a Bagon type.
    You are a Hitmonlee type.
    You are a Politoed type.
    You are a Machop type.
    You are a Skitty type.
    You are a Snorlax type.
    You are a Whiscash type.
    You are a Breloom type.
    You are a Lanturn type.
    You are a Ledian type.
    You are a Spinarak type.
    You are a Vulpix type.
    You are a Persian type.
    You are a Stantler type.
    You are a Zapdos type.
    You are a Kanghaskan type.
    You are a Growthine type.

    Febuary 1st
    You are a Corsola type.
    Febuary 2nd
    You are a Plusle type.
    Febuary 3rd
    You are a Minun type.
    Febuary 4th
    You are a Hitmontop type.
    Febuary 5th
    You are a Ledyba type.
    Febuary 6th
    You are a Grimer type.
    Febuary 7th
    You are an Illumise type.
    Febuary 8th
    You are a Chimeco type
    Febuary 9th
    You are a Giraferig type
    Febuary 10th
    You are a Sudowoodo type.
    Febuary 11th
    You are a Chansey type.
    Febuary 12th
    You are a Machoke type
    Febuary 13th
    You are a Seel type.
    Febuary 14th
    You are a Luvdisc type.
    Febuary 15th
    You are a Chinchou type.
    Febuary 16th
    You are a Nincanda type.
    Febuary 17th
    You are a Muk type
    Febuary 18th
    You are a Ho-oh type
    Febuary 19th
    You are a Kingler type
    Febuary 20th
    You are a Cloyster type.
    Febuary 21st
    You are a Raichu type.
    Febuary 22nd
    You are a Snubbal type
    Febuary 23rd
    You are a Hitmonlee type.
    Febuary 24th
    You are a Makuhita type.
    Febuary 25th
    You are a Teddiursa type
    Febuary 26th
    You are a Clamperel type
    Febuary 27th
    You are a Blissey type
    Febuary 28th
    You are a Miltank type
    Febuary 29th
    You are a Rapidash type.

    You are a Groudon type.
    March 2nd
    You are a Hitmonchan type.
    March 3rd
    You are a Shuppet type.
    March 4th
    You are a Togepi type.
    March 5th
    You are a Glalie type.
    March 6th
    You are a Kadabra type.
    March 7th
    You are a Poliwag type.
    March 8th
    You are a Donphan type.
    March 9th
    You are a Remoraid type.
    March 10th
    You are a Torchic type.
    March 11th
    You are an Ekans type.
    March 12th
    You are a Gardevior type.
    March 13th
    You are a Ninetales type.
    March 14th
    You are a Furret type.
    March 15th
    You are a Noctowl type.
    March 16th
    You are an Abra type.
    March 17th
    You are a Spinarak type.
    March 18th
    You are a Magnamite type.
    March 19th
    You are a Clamparl
    March 20th
    You are a Poliwhirl type.
    March 21st
    You are a Bonsley type.
    March 21st
    You are a Jigglypuff type.
    March 22nd
    You are a Solrock type.
    March 23rd
    You are a Pinsir type.
    March 24th
    You are a Oddish type.
    March 25th
    You are an Exeggucute type.
    March 26th
    You are a Charmeleon type.
    March 27th
    You are a Voltorb type.
    March 28th
    You are a Kyogre type.
    March 29th
    You are a Vulpix type.
    March 30th
    You are a Manene type.
    March 31st
    You are a Cacnea type.
    April 1st
    You are a Sneasal type.
    April 2nd
    You are a Entei type.
    April 3rd
    You are a Hitmonchan type.
    April 4th
    You are an Arcanine type.
    April 5th
    You are a Shuppet type.
    April 6th
    You are a Feebas type.
    April 7th
    You are a Carvahna type.
    April 8th
    You are a Jynx type.
    April 9th
    You are a Manafi type.
    April 10th
    You are a Golem type.
    April 11th
    You are a Steelix type.
    April 12th
    You are an Espeon type.
    April 13th
    You are a Heracross type.
    April 14th
    You are a Nidoking type.
    April 15th
    You are a Pikachu type.
    April 16th
    You are a Dunsparce type.
    April 17th
    You are a Forretress type.
    April 18th
    You are a Vibrava type.
    April 19th
    You are a Cleffa type.
    April 20th
    You are an Umbreon type.
    April 21st
    You are a Misdreavus type.
    April 22nd
    You are a Dustox type.
    April 23rd
    You are a Grimer type.
    April 24th
    You are a Miltank type.
    April 25th
    You are a Chansey type.
    April 26th
    You are a Magby type.
    April 27th
    You are a Gligar type.
    April 28th
    You are a Pidgey type.
    April 29th
    You are an Elekid type.
    April 30th
    You are an Espeon type.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2006
  2. Poké_Master

    Poké_Master Indigo Champion

    So what, someone has to respond and then you'll post the next month? I have to wait for April...
  3. What about July??
  4. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    I have to wait for October, and that's a loooooooong wait
  5. i know. lol. Wish there was a link to the site.
  6. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    I'm a lanturn!? I'm quite partial to Ampharos and Kyogre though... :(
  7. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Here's an idea. USE THE EDIT BUTTON. Don't just post half and wait for someone to respond and then post another. That's why the edit button's there.
  8. Snorlax 360

    Snorlax 360 Sea Ruby Trainer

    I'm an Eevee. 0_o
  9. RaikousThunder

    RaikousThunder Poison Tail!!

    Interesting. Going to put up March or what? I want to see what i supposedly am.
  10. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    [img139]http://forums.serebiiforums.com/images/buttons/edit.gif[/img139] Do you use it?!
  11. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Where did this come from anyway?
  12. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    I'm Unown! Ooooh....
  13. Mew Supporter!

    Mew Supporter! Thunder Trainer


    Well, so do I!
  14. i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover

    i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover PLEASE JUST A DONUT!

    i'm not up there either grrr to you
  15. haruka~

    haruka~ Spikeshell Trainer

    I'm a chinchou. =0
  16. Atomic Boo

    Atomic Boo Oddium Wanderus ftw

    Apparently, as im on the 31 of Jan i am a Growthine type???

    Methinks a Growlithe typo exists.
  17. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    Umm, what's the point of posting only half the months? -.- I'm just 3 days away from April so i have to wait...
  18. pikachu!

    pikachu! pikachu?

    im a squrtile :p
  19. must wait till July. lol
  20. Krod

    Krod Guest

    damn december birthday

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