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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Ally, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Ally

    Ally Well-Known Member

    apparantly you can have any pokemon follow you around, not just starters

    so what pokemon would you have follow you around?

    me, got to be ninetales mainly cause it's my favourite, or an ambipom, or something badass like a rayquaza
  2. Saph

    Saph Rapscallion

    Depends. If it was my choice then it would be my starter, Feraligatr. But I'm not sure we can choose. It might just be the Pokemon at the top of the list.
  3. Tyranitar trainer

    Tyranitar trainer Back for a bit

    Probally which ever one of my team I'm training, so Typhlosion, Donphan, Lanturn or Noctowl
    After National dex I'll have my prize Weavile
  4. mitchman_93

    mitchman_93 AND IT WAS THIS BIG!

    Flygon, Origin Form Giratina if in the game, my Shiny rayquaza, and uh mudkipz.
  5. DarkLegend

    DarkLegend The Grand Draconian

    Lugia, Rayquaza, Wobuffet
  6. Mystic Power

    Mystic Power Well-Known Member

    I think i'd like eevee to follow me!
  7. Luxray101

    Luxray101 Well-Known Member

    something like tyranitar or typhlosion.
  8. mitchman_93

    mitchman_93 AND IT WAS THIS BIG!

    If shinies are in another option would be Gliscor.
  9. Zimiii

    Zimiii Keep going, Jack \o/

    I wonder if Shinies look Shiny when they follow?
  10. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    Hmm, Depends how they look like when they walk behind you i guess. Might be Volbeat
  11. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    It'd be cool if they did appear shiny.

    But in-game, I'm just going to have the first member in my team follow me. After-game, I'm going to have Turtwig follow me most of the time, as well as Roserade and Staraptor.
  12. dynamo

    dynamo Do not pass Go.

    Whoever is at the top of my party, so whoever I want to use in the next battle, basically. Postgame, probably Feraligatr or one of my favourite pokemon (Sandslash/Kingler/Espeon).
  13. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    I don't know who I'll have following me...
    It would probably be my starter, or my Noctowl...
  14. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Dragonite or Togekisssss.

    I wonder if the Pokemon will have different little animations of if they'll all just hop up and down. If Voltorb/Electrode roll along behind you i'd totally have them on my team just to watch them XD
  15. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    That makes me wonder as well, how will certain Pokemon follow you, will the Pokemon with the ability Levitate hover above the ground, and will flying types fly after you, all will they just hop after you...
  16. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    I bet something like a Bronzong would have to levitate, otherwise it'd be all "CLONG CLONG CLONG" as it hopped along, haha. Although i doubt Game Freak would worry about such minor things.
  17. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    Lol, and Giratina's Origin Forme would flop like a fish if it didn't levitate.
    I wonder what Magikarp would look like?
  18. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    "flop flop flop" Giratina doesn't look so mighty now! Maybe a Magikarp would look similar to their overworld sprites in DPP where they pathetcially flop about XD And i bet an Ekans would look pretty nice if it slithered after you.

    Augh, now there's quite a few Pokemon i wanna see following.
  19. Cappuccino

    Cappuccino Active Member

    I hope you can choose which one of the 6 you want to follow you, regardless of which is first to battle. :( (And on another note, I do hope that you can turn that feature off altogether when you want, like others have already said)
  20. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    All 493 Pokemon can follow you.
    From Bulbasaur to Arceus.

    Hopefully they can turn it off, so it is like a command in the menu that says Summary, and then the list of HM's your Pokemon knows.
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