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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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Eevee and his Eeveelutions! Now I can roam around everywhere with my ever growing Eevee family! >=3


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wailord just to see if he is actually as big as they say


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Dusclops. Or probably a slave which in this game will most likely be Noctowl and Gyarados.


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Well if the ability to trade eggs at the very beginning of the game is going to be kept from platinum in these newer games, then my 'starter' will be a level one eevee. So, it will follow me the majority of the time post game, unless I'm hunting pokemon. That's what my cubone/marowak is for. =P

I'm not a competitive battler, I'm more of a contest person, or in this case I think I'll be pro pokethlon. :3 That means I have tons of pokemon I love, like pets/family. they'll be contest pokemon. I'll have to trade them to platinum and back for ribbons, and pokethlon pokemon. That's more my style.


Gives 'em the slip..
wailord just to see if he is actually as big as they say

Ha! It'd be great if there were like 12 (6x2) sprites taken up behind you every time a Wailord is in your 1st party slot. That'll make Rock Smash easier to use!


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probably charizard because he looks kinda cute, and he's useful


< go ask alice >
I'm thinking lately that having a Purugly following me would be cute. <3


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imagine this: wailord is following you around.
trainer:"lets go to the pokemon center Wailord!"
wailord: Waiiii....loooorrrd...
trainer: 'huh? what's wrong Wailord?
Wailord: Waiii...
trainer: "no, Wailord!
Wailord:*crashes through the pokemon center, causing panic and confusion*


Mmm hard one, Typhlosion prob. but i might just trade over/train a Magmortar. Or whatever pokemon im training.


True Love Never Dies
Mew looks so adorable! i saw it in a video, can't wait to try my event Mew.


i got a keldeo :3
theres only one pokemon im gonna have follow me and thats gonna be starmie or maybe garchomp lol idk


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Pikachu of course! I just love to reminise about the ol' days. Pokemon Yellow was my favorite Pokemon game of the old days, so I'm gonna stick with my yellow fellow. ;025;
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