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What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

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any of my party works. Shaymin probably since its my favorite pokemon, but Dragonite would be cool as well.


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Post-National dex I'll probably have Feraligator follow me. Then I'll let my favorite pokemon Swampert follow me! Or maybe Luxray. Then again I'll probably just end up switching it a bunch of time. I think the follow feature is going to end up being HM based. Just a thought...


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I would probably have the starter out. If I had to choose a non-starter, I would choose Gallade because he is awesome.


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Definitely my shiny Flygon. I'm unsure whether the sprite will be shiny or not though so it will be my Azelf if not.


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I would love to train up a Squirtle all the way through Blastoise and have it follow me the whole time, Post National Dex anyway. Pre-National Dex Im gonna have Totodile and his evo's follow me. But I also have a Gallade and Manectric that O want to transfer over from Pt that might follow me as well :)


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Oh and I def want a Tyranitar in my party so i may take him for a walk occasionally as well ;)


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I wonder how it would look if my Pidgeotto followed me.


wait, everyone is saying, post nat. dex and pre nat. dex, it isnt confirmed that there arent any early shinnoh pokemon in it! or is it?

on topic: it will be something like a gallade or umbreon

(if they just hop after you, what should a diglett look liek xD

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i would like pokemon follow me :is
common poke:zangoose
rare poke: metagross
legendary:Entei/or electiv dog


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I really want to walk around with my Crobat... My favorite Pokemon.
Also Milotic, Salamence, and Porygon-Z.


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I'll probably switch it periodically. Although I definitely want to see what Wailord looks like. Maybe I'll have out whichever Pokemon I'm training at the moment.


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My main Pokemon in that party will walk with me.
Though,maybe I'll pity the less used ones,and let them walk with me sometime.
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